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  • E1324 A: Chancellor and University of Cambridge v. Robert Dunnyng, mayor of the town of Cambridge; and Simon de Morden bailiff of the same town. [1]

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  • T1328 A: Petition of the University of Oxford. [2]
  • M1328 A: Burgesses of Oxford v. The Chancellor and University of Oxford. [3]
  • E1339 A: Proclamation concerning butchery in Oxford. [4]


  • T1344 A: Petitions of the town of Cambridge concerning Cambridge University. [5] rcp
  • T1344 B: Oxfordshire. Master Robert de Trenge warden of the house of scholars of Merton, Oxford v. Brother John de Saltford prior of the Augustinians in the suburb of Oxford outside Southgate, Brother William de Orcestre, Brother Walter de Cheleston, Brother William de Chedeworth, Bother Nicholas de Abyndon, Brother John de la Chapele, Brother John de Ikysworth, Brother William de Durham, Brother Nicholas de Longeville, Brother John de Bristowe, Brother Eudo de Cantebrigge, Brother John de Coleby, Brother John son of Thomas le Bedel of Oxford, Brother John de Stodham, and Brother John son of Richard le Cok of Oxford, confreres of the same prior, Adam le Taillour, William Baldewyne carpenter, and John Walteresservaunt of Fynestoke. Master Robert in a case of fresh force before the mayor and bailiffs of Oxford had recovered seisin of two messuages and one acre of land in the suburb of Oxford outside Southgate with 10 p.s. damages. That case is now coming forward on a writ of error. [6] rcp
  • M1346 A: Lincolnshire. Rex v. Provost of the scholars of the house of Blessed Mary of Oxford. Quare impedit concerning the presentation to Colby by Navenby. [7] rcp

M1347 A: Rex v. Richard Tuliot, Bartholomew Moriz, William Lolword, Hervey Pilat, Daniel de Felstede, William de Hyngston. Ditraint of masters and scholars of Cambridge university by the collectors of wool contrary to the king's orders. [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/E3/KB27no350/bKB27no350dorses/IMG_4321.htm[ rcp

M1348 A: Outlawry of Brother William de Lungevile, Adam le Taillour, William Baldewyn carpenter, and John Wauterservant de Fynstok to recover the redemption for their conviction in a suit of fresh force brought by Master Robert de Threnge warden of the scholars of Merton concerning tenements in the suburb of Oxford. [8]


  • T1356 A: Oxfordshire. Richard Damory (qui tam) v. Master Humfrey de Charleton chancellor of the university of Oxford, and Master John de Middelton and Master John de Redyng procurators of the same university. Concerning the manor of Henyngdon. [9] rcp








  • M1530 A: Description of Lincoln College's (Oxford) lock at Yesteley, Oxfordshire, and the nuisance it raised. [10] rcp



  • H1590 A: Cambridgeshire. Ralph Dockwra gentleman John Copcott professor of sacred theology master or warden of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge) v. John Kyppys. Ejectment for tenements in Landbeache. [11] rcp and v. William Amys [12] rcp