TNA SP 12/11, 9

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SP 12/11, 9 ff.26-27

Transcribed by Ian Haste

Pleasythe your honors that vpon recept of the quenes mates letters and yours towchyng the preparacion and settyng furthe from hens the nombre of xxiij demylaunces and others horsemen for the seruyce of her highnes yn the northe parties whiche came not vnto our handes or knowledge vntyll Sondaye last the xxjth of this moneth / We furthwith dispersed the privat lettres accordyng to their directions / and assemblyng ourselfes on the morrowe here at Warwyk wherunto gyvyng aide the parties indorcyd shulde Imediatly resorte vnto vs whose commyng we do this daye expect / We mynde by goddes grace to vse our possible diligence for the spedye accomplishement of that commission / And albeit we ffynde some impedymentes aswell by thabsence of some especyally wrytten vnto who beyng presently at London within your sight or callyng We thowght good to retorne vnto you those seuerall lettres to be further consyderyd vpon as your honors semyth good and one other namyd Crystofer OKeowne esquyer now absent resiant yn Oxfordeshire as allso by want of others callyd hens lately by deathe / as Sr ffulke Grevile and Wylliam Clopton / Whereby the lesse able so thoroughly to performe thuttermost of your expectacion yn this seryce / Yet we doubt not to ffurnyshe and put furthwith in a redynes yn this Shyre the nombre of xxti apte menne well horsyd armyd and appoyntyd or redy money to provyde their arms vpon their arayvall at Newcastell / Wherfor yn demylaunces seven and the rest for corseletes / Whiche nombre by the favor of god shall advaunce together from hens onwardes on their Iourney vpon ffryday next commyng with our direction vnder a mete Conductor to the Lorde Lieutennant accordyng to the tenor of the quenes most gracyous lettres and your honorable Instructions signified yn that behallfe As knowyth allmyghty god who prosper your honors and graunte your hartes most desyres At Warwyk the xxijth of January

At your Lordeshippes commaundement

Robyt Throkmorton

Thomas Lucy

[f.27v.] To the right honorable the lordes and others of the Quenes most honorable previe counsaile attending her maties most Roiall person

xxijth of January Mr Rob. Throkmorton & Mr Lucy to your ll. [....] Counsell . touching the horse[men]