TNA SP 12/1, 8

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TNA SP 12/1, 8

Transcribed by Helen Good


Words spoken by her Majesty to Mr Cicille

I give you this Charge, that you shalbee of my privy Counsell and content your self to take paynes for me and my Realm, This Judgement I have of you that you will not bee corrupted with any manner of gift and that you will bee faithfull to the State, and that without respect of my private will you will give me that Counsell that you think best, And if you shall knowe any thing necessary to bee declared to me of secresye, you shall shew it to my self only, and assure your self, I will not faile to keep taciturnity therin, and therefore herewith I charge you.

Words spoken by the Queen to the Lordes

My Lordes the Law of Nature moveth me to sorrow for my Sister, the burthen that is fallen uppon me maketh me amazed, And yet consideringe I am Gods Creature ordained to obey his appointment I will thereto yeilde desiringe from the bottom of my heart that I may have assistance of his Grace to be the Minister of hea- venly will in this office now committed to me, And as I am but one body naturally considered, though by his permission a Body Politique to governe. so I shall desire you all my Lordes (chiefly you of the Nobility every one in his degree and power) to bee assistant to me, that I with my Ruling, and you with your Service may make a good accoumpt to Almighty God, and leave some comfort to our Posterity in Earth. I mean to direct all my Actions by good Advise and Counsell, And therefore considering that diverse of you be of the antient Nobility, having your beginnings and Esta-


tes of my Progenitours Kinges of this Realm, and thereby ought in honour to have the more naturall care for maintaining of my Estate, and this common wealth, Some others have been of long Experience in Governaunce and enhabled by my Father of Noble memorye, my Bro- ther and my Late Sister to beare Office, The Rest of you being uppon speciall trust lately called to her service only, and trust, for your service considered, and rewarded, my meaning is to require of you all nothing more but faithfull hearts in such service, as from time to time shall bee in your powers towardes the preservation of me and this Common Wealth, And for Counsell and advise I shall accept you of my No- bility, and such others of you the Rest as in Consul- tacion I shall thinke meet, and shortly appoint, To the which also with their advise I will joyne to their aid, and for ease of their burthen others meet for my service, And they which I shall not appoint, let them not thinke the same for any disability in them, But for that I doe consider a multitude doth make rather discord and confusion, than good Coun- sell, And of my good will you shall not doubte using yourselves as apperteineth to good and loving Subjectes.


Queen Elizabeths speech to her Secretary and other her Lords before her Coronation.

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