TNA SP12/1, 13

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TNA SP12/1, 13


The declaracion of Thaccompte of Thomas Parrie Esquire Cofferar to the Righte Excellente Princes the Ladie Elizbeth her grace Aswell of all and Singuler Sommes of redy money to him delivred by her graces owne handes And all other money by him Received of fforreyn Re. . . as also of the paimentes and disbarsinge of the somme to her graces handes or otherwise for the p’cion of her graces housholde and expenses of the same. From the First Daye of October in the third and Fourthe yeares of Kinge Phillippe and Quene Mary unto the Last daye of September in the fourth and Fyfte yeares of their Raignes That is to saye for one hole yeare as followethe

Chardge viz

The Remaine withe the p’sles as appearthe vppon the determinacion of the last Accompte . . CCxlvijli vijs vjd