TNA SP12/1, 11

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TNA SP 12/1 No 11 ff.33, 34

[Transcribed by Helen Good]

[f.33] Sir yt maye please you to understand that during the tyme of the Syknes of the late Quene our Mrs the King of Spayne sent hether one Lodovicus Nonnius a phizyton a man as our phizicions doe report him excellently well Lernyd, and a verye dylygent and paynefull man withall wee dyd well note that waytayd uppon her highnes here, this daye he cam to take his leve of us which put us in remembrance to consyther whether he wer rewardyd [. . . ] his paynes taken with our said Late Mrs and [. . . . . . . ] at lenght by his owne confessyon that hether to he hath bene offered nothing for his paynes and charges which could not seme to be honorable, we have thought good to signefye the same unto you, to thend it maye please you (yf you so thinke yt good) to move the Quenes highnes that some reward maye be bestowed uppon him. He lyeth at . . . place with Aonatonso And thus wisshing as well to doe as our selfes, From St James the xxxth of November 1558

your poore frendes assured

Edward hastinges [ . . . .] Cornwaleys

Sir he mynd[ . . . ] hence to morrowe in the morning [ . . . ] k before which tym[e . . .] case you to retorne answer

[f.34v] [Address] To th[e right hono]rable and our[very good F]rende Sir William Cycell knight princypall Secretarye to the Quenes Majestie

[Label] 1558 xxxth of november Sir Ed. Hastinges and Sir Thos. Cornewallys