TNA SP12/1, 1

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TNA SP12/1, 1 f.1

[Transcribed by Helen Good]

By the Quenes Majestye

Elizabeth by the grace of god Queene of England France and Ireland, defender of the faith andc because it hath pleased almighty god, by calling to his mercy out of this mortell life, to our great greif, our dear sister of noble memorie, Mary late queen of England, France and Ireland (whose soule god save) to dispose and bestowe up on us as the only right heire by blood and lawfull succession, the crowne of the foresaid Kingdome of England France and Ireland with all [?manner of] titles and rights thereonto or anywise appertain ing. we doe [?publish] and give knowledge by this our proclamation all manner of peoples being naturall subjects of every the said Kingdomes that from the begining of the 17 day of this monuth of November; at which time our said dearest sister departed from this mortell life, they being discharged of all bondes and dutyes of subjection, towards our said sister and bee from the same time in nature and law bound only to us, as to their only soverigne Lady and Queene, wherewith wee doe by this our Proclamation straitly change and allye them to us promissing on our part noe lesse love and care towards their preservation, than hath been in any of our Progenitors, and not doubting on there partes but they will observe their duty, which belongs to naturall good and true lovinge subjects; And farther we straitly charge and command, all manner of our said subjects of every degree to keepe them selves in our peace and not to attempt on any pretence the breatch; alteration or change of any order or usage presently established within this our Realme upon paine of our In dignation and the perills and punishments, which thereto in any wise may belong. god save the Queene.