STAC 5/T22/12r

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Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 23v.

Matters committed within the jurisdiction of the Stannary to be determined there and not here or in any other court. Martin Tryvenard, plaintiff; Rascarrock et al, defendants: cause dismissed hence for that the offences were informed to be done within the jurisdiction of the Stannary Court therefore to be redressed there and not elsewhere as first the party grieved to appeal to the Steward of the Stannary Court where the matter lieth then to the under-warden of the Stannary and for default of justice at his hands to the prince’s privy council and not examinable either here or in another court per ordinem cur.

Query whether all matters within the Stannary or but such as concern the Stannary be here determinable.

Michaelmas 6 et 7 Elizabeth