STAC 5/S1/7r

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  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 36r.

The perjury convicted upon confession and the cause against the subornation ordered to be heard upon proofs the next term fully. Stiche, plaintiff; Brooke, defendant: perjury in the defendant in giving evidence at the trial of an action of debt in the Guild Hall London whereof the defendant was convicted according to the statute of 5 Elizabeth upon the defendant’s answer openly read in court and where the plaintiff had charged one Calveley one other of the defendants with procurement of the same perjury who had denied the same the court ordered the same defendants to examine his witnesses in court forthwith for his purgation and appointed to hear the cause against him the next term following. Which was heard accordingly and he fined at £80 and adjudged to the pillory and Fleet.

Michaelmas 22 Elizabeth