STAC 5/P8/6

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STAC 5/P8/6 - I D - 19 Eliz - Glamorgan - John Price v David Owen et al see STAC Price

Transcribed by Helen Good

Interogattoryes to be mynystred on the parte and behaulf of John Pryce pl against Owen David /\ Clerke /\ and others Defendauntes

1. Did you nere or about the xxjth Daye of Maye last past with spades mattockes Byllhoockes or other weapons. And what weapons or tooles cast and throwne downe one Dytche and hedge of quyckesett or any parte thereof made by the said pl or his assignes about a pence of grounde called Corse yevelyn’ in the byll and and andswere mencioned yea or no. And by whose meanes or mocion, settinge out or procurment did you see.

2. Item whether did you procure any person or persons, And howe many persons And what byn’ theire names ? to cast or throwe downe the saide hedge or dytch or any parte thereof. And when? or nere about what tyme.

3. Item have you or any other person or persons And howe many, and whome mete together or have had any Conference or confederation & meeting touchinge the castinge downe of the same dytch and hedge or eyther of them. And where, and when was that meatinge conference and Conspyracye had betwene you and them, and who procured and moved the same fyrst.

4. Item what was thagreament and conclusion betwene you and youre saide Confederates touchinge the castinge downe of the same dytche and hedge or eyther of them. And what are theire names that were eyther presente thereat or procurors or aydors or Comfortors of the saide Confedracye and meetinge, And howe many persones were att the castinge Downe of the saide Dytche and hedge or consentinge thereto, And what are theire names.

5. Item whether have you any landes or tenamentes within the hamlett of Courte Carney mencioned in the saide aunswere or no? And what estate have you therein or had att the tyme of the saide castinge Downe of the saide hedge and Dytche. And what estate had he that made or graunted you the same att that tyme that he graunted you the same?

6. Item yf you have any Copies of estate made unto you of any landes within the saide Hamlett of Court Carney, And whether have you the nomber of acres contayned in youre Copyes aswell of the errable groundes, as also of the meadowe woode and pasture land. Yf you have whether doe you quietlye occupie and enjoye the whole nomber of acres contayned in youre severall Copies yea or no?

7. Item whether have they that were present att the saide metinge, confederacye and agreement agreed to paye and contribute to suche charges lesse or expences as they that should cast downe the saide Dytche and hedge shoulde be dryven to be att in or about any thinge belonginge to the same. Or the Doinge thereof, Or of any hinderaunce or lesse which shoulde growe or be in any suite of lawe or otherwyse, And howe and in what manner and what are there names that are so confederate.