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Court of Star Chamber:

Christopher Lepton v Thomas Chippinge et al

Transcript: Dave King

Note: 'Calendar of the Patent Rolls. Elizabeth I. Vol V. 1569-1572' includes the following pardons related to this case:

  • Richard Menell of Kilvington, gent, 25.4 1570 - p 99
  • Thomas Chyppynge and Anthony Routree, both of Knaton, 25.4 1570 - p 113


Interrogatories to be mynistred to Thomas Chippinge one of the Deffendantes named in the bill of Xpofer Lepton pl

1 Firste whose servante you ware, before and at the tyme you entred into the saide Rebellion and by what occasion, or by whose comanndemente you adhered to Therles of Northumberlande and Westmorlande in the saide Rebellion./

2 Item where and at what tyme was Tharmowre or privie cote, made that you ware in the saide Rebellion, and in whose howse, and at whose charge was the same made, and what was his name that made the same./

3 Item who besyde yo[u]rselfe was in companie w[i]th you when Xpofer Haille and Roberte Watson was carried from North Kylvington to Brakinboroughe, And what horses you and other, that rode w[i]th you had, and who was the owner of them./

4 Item who did kepe the horses that the saide Haille and Watson rode uppon to Brakinborowghe when they were carried into the howse there, And whether was the saide horses redeliv[er]ed to the saide Haille and Watson or no, and yf they were not, to whome they were deliv[er]ed./

5 Item whether did you Flye or absente yo[u]rselfe from yo[u]r owne howse, after the Flying of the said Erles for the saide Rebellion, And where did you remayne before you submitted yo[u]rselfe before the Quenes ma[jesties] Commyssioners for yo[u]r pardon. And whether did Cuthberte Meynell, in that tyme seke to buye yo[u]r goodes of the sheryfe of the countie of Yorck to that Intente, that you sholde have the same goodes againe, as they were preysed, to yo[u]r owne use, ye or no./

6 Item whether did you knowe that the saide Xpofer Lepton nowe complaynante at that tyme, dyd buye the saide goodes, of the saide Sheryfe and paide for them, and had them deliv[er]ed by the Sheryfes men, And after yo[u]r Submission redeliv[er]ed yo[u]r goodes againe, And receved in yo[u]r p[re]sence of the saide Sherife his monnye againe w[hi]ch he had paide for the saide goodes, ye or no./


Ex capt x Junij Ao Dm R E xij

Sup Interr ex pte Xpofer Lepton ministrat

Thoms Chippyng of Knathon in the Countie of Yorke sworne &c

To the first he saith he had before his entree unto the Rebellyon s[er]vyd Anthony Menell gent but at this exats entree unto the Rebellyon he was no mans servt and this exat dyd adhere the said Erles wherof mencon is made in this [?article?] in that Rebellyon by meanes the [?sonnes?] of Anthony Menell sometyme this exats m[aster] went to the said erles and this exat was not comannded by any maner of [?p[er]son?] to adhere the said erles

To the seconde he saith that the p[ri]vie cote whiche this exat dyd were in the said Rebellyon was this exats fathers but where [?....?] it was made or by whome or at whose charges this exat doth not knoe except at his fathers charges

To the iij he saith he was not in company [?when?] Xpofer Haille and Robt Watson were taken in North Kylvington but after they were taken and [?gone?] towardes Brakynbo...e and nere halfe a mile oute of North Kylvington this exat then dyd ov[er] take them and [?there?] was then in there company Richard Menell and but twoe others whose names he doth not rem[ember] being s[er]vantes to the erle of Northumb[er]lande and the horse whiche this exat then Rode on was his owne and whose the horse was w[hi]ch Richard Menell or any the Rest Rode on he doth not knowe other then the horses whiche Haille and Watson Rode on were the [?complts?]

To the iiij he saith that at the comyng of the p[er]sons afore namyd unto Barkynboroughe and when Haile and Watson were carryed [?.... ...?] the horses [?....?] [?they?] two Rode on and the horses wherof Meynell and the therles men Rode on were delyv[er]yd to this exat and to an other whose names he doth not Remem[ber] to [?wake &?] kepe them and shortly after the same horses were delyv[er]yd to the said Haile and Watson

To the v he saith he dyd flie and absent himselfe [?...?] his owne house after the flying of the said Erles for the Rebellion and this exat in woods and other [?secret?] places dyd Remayne before he subbmitted himselfe to the quenes highnes Comission[er]s for his p[ar]don and [?during?] this exat soche absentyng of himselfe Cutbert Menell dyd seke to bye this exats goodes to this exats use of the Sherif to the ..... this exat [?shulde have?] the same at suche [?price?] as they were praysde as he bought them at

To the vj he saith that Xpofer Lepton having the poss[ession] of this exats goodes dyd offer to sell to this exat this exats goods and the same Xpofer [?alledging?] that he had bought them of the Sheryf and had paide [?....?] money for them and had them delyv[er]yd to him by the Sherifes men and the [?said?] complt haveing in his possession this exats goodes hath delyv[er]yd p[ar]te of the same to this exat and doth [?refuce?] to delyv[er] the rest except this exat will take [?money?] for the same at suche Rate as the same were [?praysed?] and the same complt in this exats p[re]sens hath [?....?] of the Sherifes man his money [?agene?] w[hi]ch he paid for this exats goodes

Thomas Chippyng