STAC 5/K4/3

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STAC 5/K4/3 - I D - 5 Eliz - Sir William Kellwaye v Henry Ringwood, Anthony Ringwood, William Grante et al

Transcribed by Helen Good

Interrogatoryes on the behalf of Sir William Kellewey knight Complainant to be mynystered unto Henry Ringwod esquire Anthony Ringwod gent William Graunt and John Corkes defendates

Imprimis whether did not Edward Rede William longe John longe Richard Roke and others about the xxijth day of October last past or at any tyme before or sence Com to your howse and what occasyon had they to Com thither and how many were they in number and what were all ther names and how longe taryed they there and what wepons had they and every of them and how many tymes cam they to your howse and wether had they anye nettes fyrettes Hayes and other Kinde of engyns to take Conyes.

2 Item whether did not all the said persons by your Comaundement procurement or Assent goo into the Warren of Beckborn with there said engins and if they did what tyme of the nyght was hit and how often in the whole and how many Conyes did they kill and take at every tyme there and how many of them brought they to your howse and whether had any of them that so did hunt any privey Cottes or shertes of mayle at that tyme and what ware there names that had them

3 Item whether did the said Ryotus persons beate hurt or evell intreat the warreners of the said Sir William Kellewey and wherewithall did they so beate the said warreners and which of them did shote and hit Michais Wm Kelleweys servant and warener there in the thighe with an Arrowe.

4 Item how cam you fyrst acquaynted with the said William longe John longe Richard Roke and the other and of what Conversacyon do you knowe them to be of and where are they nowe becom and when did you here from them or from any of them

5 Item whether did you confesse to any man that the said Ryoters after they had hunted in the said warren did lye any parte of the nyght in your heymowe and howe many of them did ly there and whether did you bid them go away and and wherefore did you bid them go away and whether did any men enquire for them at your howse when they were in your heymowe and did you say they were not there and whether did you [give] them meat and drynke then ye or no