STAC 5/J21/40

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STAC 5/J21/40 - I D - 10 Eliz - Suffolk - Bailiffs Burgesses and Commomalty of Ippeswich v Edward Wythepoll

Interrogatoris to be mynystred to William Medow Roger Cathurste Rycherde Landfylde John Tompson Thomas Leyton Stephen Kynge Bartholomewe Warner thelder Herry Carver Thomas Christmas and Herry Smythe

1 Inprimis wether did Edmonde Wythepoll of Ippeswich Esquyre sende worde gyve notyce or warnynge to you or anie of you or to any other one Holye Roode daie laste paste or at /\ any /\ tyme before the saidde holy /\ rode /\ daie Laste paste that he woulde walke the Fryer holden the saide holye roode daie in Saint Margaretes parishe in Ippeswich

2 Item whether did the said Edmonde Wythepoll gyve anie notyce or warnynge to you or anie of you or to anie other to your knowledg or did lete you or of you to thintent to understande that he the saide Edmonde wolde, mente, or intended to forbydde resyste let or disturbe the Bayliffes of Ippeswich then being, if they did come into the said Fayer with their maces borne before them & what other wordes to that effect have you harde him the saidde Edmonde Wythepoll or anie other who did declare it to you, seye, or speake, towchinge the same and whether the said Edmonde sent for you or for any other or commaundid you or anie other to come be or attende uppon or with him the saide Edmonde Wythepoll the saide holy roode daie for the purpose aforsaide

3 Item whether did the same Edmonde Wythepoll require you or anie of you to do anie messuage to Jeffrye Gilberde & John Moore late Bailiffes of Ippeswich or to anie of them the xiij daie of September last past beinge holy roode even And if he did require you doe anie messuage to them or anie of them then what was the same messuage & to whome wher did ye it & what wordes did you saie doinge the messuage And whether did you yt in suche sort as the said Edmonde Wychepoll required you to doe or not

4 Item whether did you saye to John Moore /\ then /\ one of the saide Bailiffes or to any other person or persons at anie tyme before the saide Fayer daie that if the then Bailiffes did come into the saide Fayes with their maces borne before them that then they shoulde be resisted or [?walk] at their perill or anie other wordes to that effecte.

5 Item whether did you or anie of you before the saide Fayer daie goe aboute to borowe A Sworde & a Buckler or anie other weapon of any person or persons within the saide town of Ippeswich or not and for what purpose did you so, & if you did then whether did you saye that your master should walke the Fayer to thintent to let or disturbe the then Bailiffes if they came ther & that you wold wayte uppon him therwith or what other wordes to that effecte did you saye & to whome

6 Item whether were you with the saide Edmonde Wythepoll in the saide Faier the saide Faire daie & what other person or persons besydes were ther in the saide Fayer waytinge or attendinge uppon the saide Wythepoll And whether ded you or anie other were then awaytinge or attendinge uppon the saide Edmonde Wythepoll weare or beare any manner of weapons in the fayer daye, & in the saide Fayer and /\ if/\ you did what manner of weapons were they & to what ende & purpose did youe weare beare them & by whose Comaundament and whether did you strike or offer to strike anie person with anie weapon or otherwis the same daie & appeare did you so Stryke or offer to stryke and whether the saide Edmonde Wythepoll Stry[k]e or

7 Item whether have you used in the said Fayer daie at anie tyme heretofore to weare or beare anie weapons & if ye have to what ende and purpose have you so done

8 Item whether did you knowe that the said Edmonde Wythepoll was bounde to the peace the same Fayer daie by the then Baylyffes and if ye ded have when & at what tyme of the daie ded ye fyrst knowe yt And by what meanes did ye knowe it

9 Item whether did the saide Edmonde Wytherpoll by anie meanes comaunde will or procure you or anie of you to attend uppon him the saide laste daie and /\ if /\ he ded whether were /\ ye /\ required so to doe in any

10 Item by what meanes hadd you knowledge that that the saide Edmonde Wythepoll woulde goe into the said laste Fayer and when & whether did yow consent together before therof & what communicacion hadd youe with anie your Felowes concernynge the same & whether did yow use anie force the same daie ageinste anie of the inhabitantes of the said town

11 Item in what place did the saide Edmonde Wythepoll mete the saide then Bailiffes in the saide Fayer daie & whether is the same place the Quenes highe waye or not & what manner of wordes did the sayde Edmonde Wythepoll then & there utter & speake to the saide Bailiffe at the tyme of his metinge with them

12 Item howe many of the Servantes Reteyner & reteyners of the saide Edmonde or other persons did com with the saide Edmonde Wythepoll when he mette the saide Bailiffes in the saide highe waye in the saide Fayre daye & what were their names & what weapons hadde they or anie of them then uppon about or with them

13 Item whether did the saide Edmonde Wytherpoll ley holde of anie of the maces born by the servante or servantes of the same Towne before the said Bailiffes the said last Fayre daie ye or no And if he did then in what manner & sortr was the same done

14 Item howe many servantes doe commonlye & usuallye attend uppon the saide Edmonde when he goethe out of his dores in Ippeswich

15 Item whether did the saide Edmonde Wythepolle stoppe and lette the said late Bailiffes to goe in the said highe the said last fayer daye or not

Interrogatories to be mynystred to Edmonde Wythepoll Esquire on the behalf of the Bailiffes Burgesses and Comonaltie of the Towne of Ippeswich

1 Imprimis whether did yowe by William Meadowe your servant the xiij day of Septembre Laste paste beinge holy Rode even sende worde to Jeffrey Gilberde & John Moore Late Bailiffes of Ippeswich or eyther of them that they shoulde not the next daye beinge the Fayre daye come into the Fayre with their maces for if they ded they should come at their perill or what was the message ye did sende hym of, to the said Late Bailiffes or to any of them & what ment yowe or was yowre intente in soe doinge

2 Item whether the place wher the Fayer called Holy Rode Fayer hath byn usually kept which yowe proclayme to have /\ ys /\ within the liberties & precinctes of the Town of Ippeswich And if yt be in what parisshe of the saide town hathe the same byn alwayes kept

3 Item whether ys the place where ye mette Jeffrey Gilberde & John Moore Late Bailiffe of Ippswich & other offycers of the saide town of Ippeswich /\ in the said fayer /\ the Quenes highe wey & within the liberties & precinctes of the said Towne of Ippeswich, or not

4 Item whether have the Bailiffes of the saide town of Ippeswich for the tyme beinge & other the officers of the saide town used in the saide Fayre daye to resorte & com to the saide fayre to see /\ good /\ ordres kepte for the preservacion of the peace & have ther tryed corrected and examynyd waightes & measures of the craftesmen and others in the saide Fayre byenge & Sellinge /\ ther wares /\ in the saide Fayer // and have /\ ther /\ []astyced and punysshed vacabondes barrectors and other malefactors and disturbours of the peace) ofendinge within the saide Fayer /\ & /\ by howe longe tyme have the []iliffes & other the officers of the saide Towne used so to doe

5 Item whether dyd your met[.]inge with the Bailiffe & other the officers of the saide town of Ippswich on the laste Fayer Daye holden within the parisshe of Seynte Margarettes in Ippeswich v[.]j the xiiij daie of Septembre last past in the /\ Quenes /\ highe waye []dinge Frome Seinte Margarettes grene towards westerfeld within . . . . [text to be transcribed] . . . which saye thes wordes viz Mr Bailiffes leve of your progresse precession & goe no Furder this waye I charge yowe in the Kynges Name for you doe me wronge And that I will trye with you on this grounde (stamping ther uppon with yowre Fote) sayenge yt ys my grounde and violentlie strykinge one of youre handes in another and sweringe sayd get yowe of this ground or I will resiste you & put you of with as moche Force as I can or howe many of these wordes sayne yow or any other wordes of like sentence or to that [effect]

6 Item whether did you then & ther stopp & let the said late Bailiffes of Ippeswich & other officers the same town to procede or go any further in the same waye

7 Item whether were Any of your servantes or any other with you or in your companye when you mette with the said Bailiffe & ther officers aforesaid in the said weye & howe many of your servantes or other folke were then ther with you And wether hadde your saide servantes any weapons aboute them & what manner of weapons. And whether did you then & ther Smyte or Stryke one Robert Barker of Ippeswiche aforesaid then one of the Justices of peace of Ippeswich aforsaid uppon his breste with your Fyste or no, and wether did any of youre servantes or reteynors then and ther Smyte or Stryke one John Hulynge one of the saide town of Ippeswich with his Dagger or any other weapon & drewe blodde of the saide Hulynge or not

8 Item whether did any of your manyall servantes Reteynors or anie other by your Comaundamentes will or assent use were or beare anie kynde of weapons or used anie force or anye apporane or liklehood of force in the Fayer daye Laste holden in the said parisshe of Seint Margarettes And if they dyd what weapons were they & to what ende & purpose were they borne & what cause hadde ye so to doe

9 Item what nomber of persons beinge burgesses /\ or Inhabitantes /\ of the said Towne ded accompany & attend uppon the said Bailiffes in the said Fayer at your metinge with them there & what were ther names & what wepons had they or any of them

10 Item whether did you appointe or cause anie persons to serve in the said laste fayer daye in Ippeswich aforsaid in anie office to your use with bills Brusshehokes staves or anie suche weapons And if ye did then to what purpose & Intente have ye soe done And wether have you used so to doe in that sorte in the saide Fayer before that tyme or not

11 Item whether did you snatche at & take hold of the mase beinge in one Richarde Trostes hande one of the servantes at the mace of Ippeswich, beinge ther attendant uppon the saide Bailiffes to the intente to have hadde yt from him or not) and if ye ded why and wherfore did ye soe Whether did you then & ther openlie snatchinge at the saide mase saye[ing] then will I have this meanynge the saide mace

12 Item whether did you then & ther saye to John Barker one of the Constables of Ippeswich then & ther beinge at suche tyme as hadde layed hold on you by the said late Bailiffes Comaundamente, leve of thy hold or I wilbe /\ be /\ thy preiste [?or] se thy harte or any other wordes to that effecte

13 Item whether did yow at anie tyme before the laste Fayer daye /\ or /\ or in the same daye gyve notyce to any of your servantes or to anie other person or persons that ye would walke the Fayer & forbydde let or disturbe the said Bailiffes of Ippeswich if they came ther with their mases as they have used to do And whether did you pretende in the saide Fayer daye or at anie before the said Fayer to prohibet forbydde let let or disturbe the Bailiffes in their Comynge to the saide Fayer.

14 Item whether have yow Aucthorytie to correct waightes and measures of suche . . . . [text hidden in a fold]

15 Item whether have /\ you /\ or anie other in your name have brought mares to the said Fayer to be . . . . . [text hidden in a fold]

16 Item whether have you lawfull Aucthoritie in the said Fayer to punysshe vacabondes Barectours and disturbers of the Quenes peace offendynge in the said Fayer And to examyn susspecte persons which repare & com to the said Fayer And whether have ye used in the saide Faire to punysshe vacabondes barrecters and other malefactors and disturbors of the Quenes peace And if ye have when howe often & when have ye so punysshed

17 Item whether did you in the laste Sessions at Ippeswich diswade anie of youre servantes to be bounde to the peace beinge required therunto And whether did you openlie sayd ther that yowe would spende vj yeres revenues of your landes uppon the Bailiffes or townes men in that matter or in any other

18 Item whether have ye saide to anie of your servantes or other that ye woulde bye the Fee fearme of the town of the Quene and whether have ye saide that if you could bye yt, ye would for then ye shoulde Rule or what words said you to that effecte & to whome.

19 Item have you permytted and Suffred the Bailiffes Burgesses Comonaltie of the saide town of Ippeswich for the tyme beinge to lyve quyetlie by yowe and have youe not from tyme to tyme dyvers & many wayes molested disturbed and disquyeted them

20 Item whether have yowe or anie other for yowe by your comaundament or procurement encroched uppon streyted or stopped upp /\ one co. . . ody called Bekkyng. . or any /\ other of the high wayes Commo lanes or foote pathes within the liberties & precinctes of the said towne of Ippeswiche And whether have yowe or any other for yowe or by your meanes comaundament or procurement levyed & don purprestures or anoyaunces in the same wayes lanes or pathes And yf yowe have soe don in what wayes lanes & pathes & in howe manye of the same wayes lanes or pathes have yowe or anie other by your Assignment meanes procurement or appointement encroched streyted or stopped the same And whether have yow or anie by your procurement or comaundment hanged or sett upp anie gate or gates postes & barres in uppon or overwharte the saide highe wayes lanes or pathes or any of them & to what townes & parisshes within the County of Suffolk doe the saime wayes lanes & pathes extende & lede unto and whether ded you stryke anye of the quenes subjectes offringe to come to Ipswiche with his Carte at in or by any of the said weyes & if y did who was yt & when

21 Item whether have yow or any of other by your procurement or comaundament inclosed one condyt hedd aperteynynge to the saide town & within the liberties of the said town And wether have /\ yow /\ pulled and taken uppe ij greate peaces of tymbre which stodde ther for Saffetye & defence of the same condyt hedd & the howse or buyldinge uppon the said condyt hedde

22 Item have yow not yerelie by dyvers yeres paste dyvers & sondrie tymes by lettinge out of your pondes or waters thoroughe a great parte of the Streates of the said said town Skorynge therbye the Fylthe of your howse greatlie Anoyed the Quenes Majesties Subjectes inhabytinge within the same streetes of the said town or noe and whether by the greate force & violence of the said water soe letten out ys not moche earthe & Rubbyshe caried & dryven into the haven & channell of the said Town to the hurte and decaye of the same haven & channell or noe

23 Item whether have yow /\ at /\ anie tyme Sythens your inhabitinge within the towne of Ippeswich when the Quenes taske have ben due to be paide & required of yow payed the same otherwise then by distresse or noe

24 Item have yowe or anie of your servantes or other for yowe at anie tyyme heretofore served in the Quenes majesties watche within the said towne at the tymes of watche ther kept within the said towne, or have anie of /\ your /\ Servantes come to the Quenes lete ther to be Sworne to her highnes & whether ought they of right and dutie Soe to doe or noe

25 Item whether were yowe enyoynede or Comaunded by decre by the lordes of the Privye Counsell in the tyme of owre late soverigne Ladye Quene Mary to buylde or make upp ageyne the Churche yarde walle of the parishe of Seinte Margaret in Ippeswiche aforsaide which yowe before that tyme hadde taken or caused to be plucked down And wether have yowe buyldid upp agayne the saide walls of the said Churche of Seinte Margarettes accordinglie or noe And whether have yowe encroched or inclosed in, any parte of the saide Churche yarde with a breyke walle and howe moche of the saide Church yarde have yowe soe encroched or inclosed

26 Item whether have yowe or anie other by your procurement will or assente inclosed or plowed upp a certen Felde in Ippeswich aforsaide which hathe byn alowed & used afortyme for a Common shotinge Fylde for the inhabitantes of the saide town

27 Item whether have you entred & Fisshed in a certen Ryver within the precinct bondes & lymyttes of the saide town Runynge betwen a certen place called bradshawe bridge to a nother bridge called handforde bridg with nettes or or other Ingens [&] ther hade taken Fysshe and also have ther taken & caried awaye a great nombre of Frye of Fisshe & other Fisshe in vessells & howe often have you so don & whether have youe byn for byden soe to doe & by whom

28 Item whether have yow procured Cytacions out of the arches ageinste sondrie Inhabitantes of the town of Ippeswich, & therby enforced them to compound with yowe or yowre assignes for harbage & other tythes And whether hadd you then any lawfull right & Aucthoritie so to do & if you have so [] then Agenst whome & how []

29 Item whether have you at any tyme beten or stryken one John Collen then beinge serjant at the mase of the said Towne of Ipswiche for doinge any message /\ to you /\ from any of the Bailiffes or burgesses of the said Towne or for what cause ded you so and when