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Court of Star Chamber:

Nicholas Coniers v Robert Wright William Fychett John Sannder and Thomas Dale. 18Eliz

Transcript: Dave King

Bill of complaint of Nicholas Coniers:

To the Quenes moste excellent maiestie

Humbly Complayninge sheweth unto yo[u]r heighenes your obedyent Subiecte Nicholas Coniers of Whytbie in the countie of yorke Esquier That wheras your said orat[o]r about two yeares last paste bought of one Edward Elrington and others offycers and deputyes of the lord admyrall in the northe p[ar]tes one Bote then beinge under the value of Fourtye shillings beinge also wrecked by sea upon a sande nighe unto a certaine ground called Newham Becke w[i]thin the p[re]cinctes of the Quenes maiesties mann[or] of Staxbie w[hi]ch said manor was late p[ar]cell of the possessions of the late dyssolved monasterye of Whytbie in the said Countye By reason wherof your heighenes said Supplyant was [...] the aforesaid Bate lawfullye possessed untyll noew of late aboute Two yeares noew last past That one Sir Richard Cholmley of Roxbie, in the said countie knight brought An Accon of [?trespass?] in your maiesties Benche at Westm[inster] against your said Supplyant for the takeinge awaye of the said Boate wherunto your heighenes said supplyant pleaded not gyltie After w[hi]ch the sayd Matter beinge at yssue the same was brought dowen into the contrie theare to be tried by [?nisi prius?] at thassisses houlden at the castell of yorke for the said countie in Lent last paste At w[hi]ch tyme A Jurye being Impanelled for the tryall therof And the speciall pointe upon the Evidens gyven to the Jurye was whether the place wheare the said Boate was wrecked weare the ground of yo[u]r heighenes as p[ar]cell and w[i]thin the p[re]cinte of the said manor of Staxbie or the ground of the said Sir Rychard Cholmley upon w[hi]ch one Robert Wright of Whytbie aforesaid Wylliam Fychett of Whitbie aforesaid Thomas Dale one of the meaniall Servants of the said Sir Richard Cholmley beinge all the Servants and tenants of the said Sir Rychard Cholmley and one John Sander of thestbecke in the said conntie beinge witnesses p[re]sented by the said Sir Richard of their owne noughtie p[er]vers and devilishe mynde and purpose contrarye to the lawes and Statutes of this Realme in this behalfe moste holsomlye provyded not havinge the feare of god before their Eies to the evill example of all other the Quenes maiesties subiectes in those p[ar]ties wilfullye falslye and corruptlie dyd p[er]iure them selves upon the holly Evangelistes deposinge and affirminge upon their othes at the said assisses before the Quenes maiesties Justices of assisses and [?nisi prius?] amongeste other things by them theare deposed in Swearinge and deposinge that the said place above menconed wheare the said Boate was wrecked at the tyme of the wreckinge therof was the ground of the said Sir Rychard Cholmley wheare in verie truthe your heighenes said Supplyant ys and wilbe readye to averr and prove that the same was ev[er] synce the dissolucon of the said monasterie untyll this daye the proper soyle and frehould of your heighenes as p[ar]cell and w[i]thin the p[re]cincte of your heighenes said manor of staxbie By Reason of w[hi]ch said false and untrue othes above mencyoned the said Jury found yo[u]r said supplyant gyltie of the trespas and and so gave up the v[er]dytt against your heighenes said supliant to the disheryson of your heighenes And by force wherof your maiesties said supplyant hathe bene Indamaged Fourtie pounds and above And Further the said Thomas Dale upon the said Evidens moste falslie and corruptlie dyd depose that the said Boate was worthe seaven pounds wheare in very truthe the same was worthe But Fourtie shillings In tender Consideracon wherof yt maye please yo[u]r most excellent maiestie to grannt unto your said supplyant your heighenes moste gracious wrytte of Subpena to be directed to the said Robert Wright William Fychett John Sannder and Thomas Dale comandinge them and ev[er]y one of them therby at A certayne daye and under a certaine payne therin by your heighenes to be lymitted to be and p[er]sonally to appeare before your heighenes moste honorable p[ri]vie Conncell in your maiesties most heighe court of Starr chamber then and theare to Answeare to the p[re]misses and further to stande to and abide suche order and direccon theare as to yo[u]r heighenes said honorable Conncell shall seeme to stand w[i]th Right and Equitie And yo[u]r said supplyant shall daylye praye unto god for the p[reser]vacon of your heighenes in felicitie longe to Raigne ov[er] us