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Court of Star Chamber:

Thomas Bulkeley v Henry Delves, John Stanley and Randull Maynwayring

Transcript: Dave King

Bill of complaint:

dated on reverse: R ..d purific 1576 [?or possibly 1596?]

To the Quenes most excellent Ma[jes]tie/

In most humble wyse complayning sheweth unto your highnes your humble suppliant & subiect Thomas Bulkeley of Tunstall in the countie of Salop gent/ wheras your said suppl[iant] and his anncestors whos estate he hath have bene of longe tyme seased in Fee symple & yet be of and in one grove of wood called Raggeshey w[ith]in the manor of Woore in the countie of Salop in the w[hi]ch wood was this last yere an eyrye of Sparrhawes having foure young hawkes w[hi]ch hauks the said Thomas Bulkeley caused one Thomas Bradshawe to watche and loke unto by the space of vij weeks together nyght and day untyll frydaye being the xvth daye of June last past/ that one Henry Delves of Doddington in the countie of Chester Esqr John Stanley gent and one Randull Maynwayring sonne of John Maynwayring of the Namptwych in the said countie gent together w[i]th fyve or syx other p[er]sons unknowen in ryotous man[er] assembled at Doddington aforsaid/ and then and ther the said John Stanley and Randull Maynwaring and foure or fyve other p[er]sons w[i]th them by the p[ro]curem[en]t of the said Henry w[i]th swords and longe staves & other defensyble weapons went from the said hous of the said Henry Delves the said xvth of June last past unto the said grove called Raggeshey & enquyred as they went of dyvers p[er]sons for a younge cowe or heffer and at lengthe came to the said Thomas Bradshawe watching the said ayry at the place aforsaid and enquyred of hym for a cowe also/ and then & ther the said Thomas Bradshawe having a bowe & arrowes in his hande requested them to dep[ar]te and nott to come any nere for he douted them that they came for his m[asters] hawks/ and they all in ryotous man[er] assaulted hym some before hym/ & some behynde hym So that he made an outcry w[hi]ch the neighbors of the said towneshipp of Woore being nere half a myle dystannt harde but the said Randull Maynwayring & John Stanley and the rest cast hym downe upon the ground and lay some upon his body & some of them upon his leggs and one toke hym by the throte & stopte his wynde & an other thrust a handkercher into his mouthe wherw[i]th he had bene strangled yf neyghbors hearing the said outcry made by the said Thomas Bradshawe had not comen ymedyately and helpen hym but before they came in/ the said ryotous p[er]sons toke the said foure hauks w[i]th them and brake all his arrowes & lefte hym ther being sore hurt and [?crusshed?] in dyv[er]s p[ar]ts of his body that he voyded bludd a greate space after and yet ys nott well recovered therof and the said John Stanley & Randull Maynwayring & thother ryotous p[er]sons aforsaid went strayght to Doddington aforsaid w[i]th the same hauks & brought them to the said Henry Delves w[hi]ch said p[er]sons the said neighbors dyd earnestly followe from the haukesnest by the track of ther feete untyll they hadd them in sight going to the house of the said Henry Delves wher they the aforsaid John Stanley Henry Maynwayring & the other ryotous p[er]sons delyv[er]ed them to the said Henry Delves expecting ther returne as your Suppl[iant] supposeth for ymedyately assone as they were comen thyther the said Henry Delves & the said ryotous p[er]sons w[i]th hym toke ther horses and s[er]vants w[i]th them & rodde fourthe your Suppl[iant] knoweth not whyther In consyderacon wherof the p[re]mysses consydered yt may please your hyghnes to grannt to your said Suppl[iant] your most gracyous wrytte of suppena to be dyrected to the said Henry Delves John Stanley and Randull Maynwayring comannding them therby to appere at a c[er]ten day by your ma[jes]tie to be appointed/ before the Lords of your Ma[jes]ties pryvye counsell in the Starr chamb[er] to answer to the p[re]mysses So that such further order may be taken therin as to your ma[jes]ties most honorable pryvy counsell shall seme convenyent And your said Suppl[iant] according to his Duetie shall dayly pray to god for the p[re]s[er]vacon of your highnes long to contynue

Ba Penett