STAC 5/A6/28

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STAC 5/A6/28 - I D - 34 Eliz - Herefordshire - John Arnold v John Garnons see STAC Arnold

Transcribed by Helen Good

Interrogatoryes to be mynystred unto John Garnons Esquier deffendant at the sute of John Arnold Esquier Complaynante

1 Inprimis wether ys John Garons together with John Parrye gent, Gryffythe Harrye John Myles Parrye, Lewes Parrye, William Parrye, and Robert Garnons with diverse others, in most ryotus sorte, did begyne and make an affraye of assaulte uppon the said John Arnold the vijth of October last paste in the Citie of Hereford in the Market House ther, yea or no.

2 Item wether did you not frame and preferre a bill of indictment against the saide John Arnold the said vijth daie of October to the Jurie ther sworne to enquire for her Majestie at the general quarter session ther holden the said vijth daie of October at the Citie of Hereford aforsaide aleadging that the said John Arnold with his dagger drowne hadd assaulted you the said John Garnons ye or no.

3 Item wether you to gether with John Parrye & Gryffith Harrye John did severally depose and sware uppon the Holye Evanglyste before the said Jurie that the said John Arnold uppon the said vijth daie of October in the saide Market Howse did drawe out his dager and assaulted the saide John Garnons, and wether the said John Arnold did then and ther drawe his said dager uppon you the said John Garnons, yea or no

4 Item wether did not the saide John Arnold when his mane Roger Newmane was arrested by you, by vertue of a Warrante of the peace graunted against hime by Mr William Cecill Esquire one of her Majestes Justices of the Peace within the said Countey of Hereford the said Roger Newmane havinge then a Supersedias for the said Warrant and was not the said John Arnold then contented notwithstanding the saide Supersedias that the said Roger Newmane, shold be brought before any other Justice of the Peace ther present, to be bound agayne to the peace yf the said justices shold thinke it good and convenyent, yea or no.

5 Item wether did not you make the forsaid assault and affraye uppon the the said John Arnold for evill will and in revenge that he the saide John Arnold did prosecute diverse felons Recusantes and other lewde ryotus persons being your kinsmen fryndes and folowers, and wether did you not procure the saide warrant of the peace to be executed against the said Newmane rather of malice you bare to the said John Arnold for the causes aforsaid then for any zeale you hadd to see justice trulie and scyncerlye mynystred ye or no.

Exam Capt vjto Maij Anno Dom Reg Eliz xxxiiijto

Sup Interr ex pte Johnis Arnolde ar.

Jhon Garnons of Garnons in the Countie of Heref. Esquire sworne sayeth

To the firste Interrogatory this deffendant denyeth the contentes of this article and sayeth that to his remembrance hee did not see the said Jhon Arnolde the vijth daye of October mencioned in this Interrogatory

To the seconde Interrogatory this deffendant lykewysse denyeth that he did proferr anye bill of Indictement the said vijth daye agaynste the said Jhon Arnolde as is supposed in this Interrogatory

To the thirde Interrogatory this deffendant saieth that hee this deffendant together with Jhon Parrye Griffithe Harrie Jhon did not depose and sweare uppon the Holy Evangelyst that the said Jhon Arnolde uppon the said vijth day of October did drawe owte his dagger and assaulted the said Jhon Garnons but sayeth that uppon the sixte daye of October the said Jhon Arnolde did drawe his dagger uppon this deffendant

To the fowerth Interrogatory this deffendant saieth that hee this deffendant did not arreste the said Newmann but sayeth hee required the cunstable to arrest him the said Newman by force of the warrante articulated. And allso this deffendant sayeth that the said Newman nor anye for him did shewe this deffendent anye supersedias from anye Justice of the Peace of the said Countie of Hereford. And farther this deffendant sayeth that the said Arnolde denyed that the said Newman his servant showlde comme ether before this deffendant or anye other Justice of the Peace to as this deffendant nowe remembreth and more to this Interrogatory this deffendant sayeth not.

To the fyveth Interrogatory this deffendant denyeth the contentes of this article.

[Signature] John Garnons