STAC 5/A6/13

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STAC 5/A6/13 - B - 38 Eliz - Yorkshire - Thomas Ambler v William Banton, Nicholas Warde, George Foster, William Boyle, Robert Dickson, John Richardson see STAC Ambler

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queenes moste excellent Majestye

In moste humble wyse Complaynynge showethe unto your moste excellent your Highness humble faythfull & obedyente subjecte Thomas Ambler of Leedes within your highnes countye of Yorke gent That whereas your said subjecte beinge an Inhabitant & dweller within your majesties said towne of Leedes & in the begynynge of the moneth of february last past in this present xxxviij th yeare of your highnes Reigne over us your said subjecte havinge dyvers & sundrye occacions to travell to your highnes Cyttye of London & beinge there aboute his busynes & affayres & your said subjecte havinge Isabell Ambler his wyef & your subjecte his children servantes & famylye at his then & nowe dwellinge howse in Leedes aforesaid where (in the absence of your said subjecte) they were and Remayned in your subjecte his said howse in godes peace & your majesties not myndinge anye hurte prejudice or hynderance to anye person or persons whatsoever neyther suspectinge anye hurte prejudice or hynderance to bee done to them or any of them But nowe soe yt ys if yt maye please your most excellent majestie That one William Banton of Leedes aforesaid gent Nicholas Warde George Foster William Bayle Roberte Dickson & John Richardson together with dyvers other persons to the number of xij at the least to your said subjecte as yet unknowen in or aboute the xxj th daye of the said mothethe of february in this present xxxviij th yeare of your majesties said Reigne assembled themselves & mette together in the said towne of Leedes neare unto your subject his said dwellinge howse beinge armed arrayed & Weaponed in Warlike & Rebellious manner with bills bowes & Arrowes gonnes swordes & daggers longe pycked staves pytchforkes welche hookes & dyvers other weapons aswell invasyve as defensyve And then & there not havinge the feare of god before their eyes nor suche due Regard of your highnes lawes & statutes of this your majestyes Realme as good & duetyfull subjectes ought to have they the said William Banton Nicholas Warde George Foster William Bayle Roberte Dickeson & John Richardson & the Resydue in their companyes to your subjecte as yet unknowen in moste Ryotous Routous Rebellyous & outragious manner entered into your subjecte his said dwellinge howse in Leedes aforesaid & after there said Entryes they the said Ryotous Routous Rebellious & outragious persons did break open a chamber dore in your subjecte his said howse & then & there dyd enter into a chamber where your subjecte his said wyef & two yonge children with her thone of thage of fyve yeares ould & the other not past one yeare & a half lyinge all in one bedd & then & there in moste furious outragious & vyolent manner dyd not onlely drawe their swordes & daggers upon your subjecte his said wyef But /\ with /\ their said naked awordes & daggers /\ dyd stryke /\ upon the said bedd sayinge where ys Ambler meaninge your subjecte where unto your subjecte his wyef in fearefull sorte Aunswered hee meaninge your subjecte ys at London But alsoe they the Ryotous & Rebellious persons at the same tyme not satisffied with the said Aunswere of the said Isabell But intending further displeasure to your subjecte dyd then & there with their said swordes & dagers drawne as aforesaid Delt downe the Curtaynes & hanginges aboute the said bedd where your subjecte his said wyef & Children dyd lye And not soe contented but forther parsystinge in their develyshe determynacions thoughte & Cogitacion to doe some further myscheif to your said subjecte his wyfe children & familie they the said Ryotous Routous Rebellious & outragious persons before named & the Redydue in their companyes to your subjecte as yet unknowen dyd then & there Ransacke & Reffell your said subjecte his dwellinge howse & dyd take convey & carry awaye the pewter brasse & other his howshould stoffe of your said subjectes in his said howse then & their beinge & the same goodes soe conveyed & taken awaye have Imployed & converted to their or some of their owne proper uses & behoofes All the said goodes soe by them taken [car]ried & conveyed awaye dyd amounte in value to xx li besydes the great spoyle & detraccion which the said Ryotous /\ persons /\ made in the said howse & chamber of your said subjecte to the greate losse prejudice & hynderaunce of your said subject contrarye to your highnes said lawes & statutes of this your majesties Realme which said outragious Comynge as aforesaid dyd not onelye strycke suche /\ a /\ terror into your subjecte his said wyef as shee presently fell seck of an agewe which she dyd not [recover] of half a yeare after But alsoe dyd soe affrighte the said yonge Childe beinge in bedd with your subjecte his said wyef that yt beinge before in good healthe presentlye sickened & dyed within eight dayes after And not soe contented butt seekinge to doe your said subjecte some further notable displeasure to the utter overthrowe of hym his pore wyefe children & familye for ever they the said Ryotous Rotous Rebellious & outragious persons before named together with the Resydue of their companyes to your said subjecte as yett unknowen did presentely after they hadd displayed your subjecte his said howse as aforesaid Repayre them selves or some of them unto dyvers your subjecte his tenantes within the said Towne of Leedes & charged them that they should not paye anye Rentes or doe anye suyte or service to your said subjecte beinge their landslord as they would Aunswere the Contrarye at their perills affirmynge that your subjecte should Receyve noe more Rentes but they would Receyve them By Reason whereof dyvers of your subjecte his tennantes doe yet denye to paye your subjecte his due Rente whereby your subjecte ys the lesse able to prosecute this their owteragious doinges agaynst the said Ryotous & Rebellious persons. And the better to collor their said lewde accions & demeynes they the said William Banton Nicholas Warde George Foster William Boyle Roberte Dixson & John Richardson caused & procured your said subjecte at the next market daye in Leedes in the face of the whole people there assembled to the utter discredicte of your said subjecte withouten any juste cause or warrant soe to have done to bee proclaimed a Rebell. And although your said subjecte have often tymes sythence the said wronges & injuries comitted purpetrated & done in manner & forme aforesaid) in moste gentle & frendlye manner Requested & desyred them the said Ryotous persons before named to delyver unto your said subject the said goodes & chattells which they had soe forcybly & with stronge hand taken out of your subjecte his said howse as aforesaid amountynge to the said some of xx li & above. And althoughe your said subjecte dyd of Late tyme procure the Right hororable Sir John Fortescue knight Chauncellor of the high [ . . . . ] courte of Exchequer & the Righte honorable Sir William Periam knight Lord cheif Baron there & the Rest of the Barons of the said courte to adresse ther honorable letters to your majesties honorable counsell established in the northe partes to thend your subjecte might have his said goodes Redelyvered or satisfied for the same Whiche your subjecte Rather desyrethe & alwayes dyd then to have attempted anye suyte in the premisses. And althoughe the said honorable letters were delyvered to my Lordes grace of Yorke & others of your majesties said counsell the said ryotous persons before named & their confederates & accomplyses doe moste wrongfully deteyne and keepe the same from your said subjectes contrarye to all lawe Right equitye & good conscience & to the great losse prejudice & hynderance of your said subjecte In Tender consideracion whereof the premisses duelye considered And for asmuche as they the said Ryotes Routes unlawfull assemblyes & other the mysdemeynors [as] before alledged are not onely displeasinge to Almyghtye god But alsoe done & comitted agaynst divers your highnes Lawes & statutes of this Realme moste providently & prudently [enacted] & made agaynst Ryoutes Routes & unlawfull assemblyes & thereby deserve to bee severelye punyshed accordinge to the [demer]ytes of the partyes offenders whereby your majesties lovinge subjectes [ may be ] preserved in quyet possessions & estates & the evill punished accordinge to the qualytye of their offences. And for asmuche as they the said Ryotous persons before named maye bee examined upon Interrogatories in this honorable courte concernynge their said outragious behavyor & mysdemeynors before mencioned to thend the said offendors maye Receyve condigne punishement maye it therefore please your moste excellent majestie (the premisses duely considered) to graunte to your said subjecte your highnes most gratious Wrytt of subpena to bee directed to them the said William Banton Nicholas Warde George foster William Boyle Robert Dickson & John Richardson & [each & every] of them thereby comaundinge them & everye of them at a certayne daye & under a certaine payne therein by your highnes to bee lymitted & appoynted to bee & personally appeare before the Right Honorable Lords of your Majesties honorable ptyvie councell of your majesties high Courte of Starre Chamber att Westminster then & there to Aunswere the premisses & further to stand to suche order & direccion therein as to your most excellent majestie in equytye [& con]scyence shalbee thought meete & convenient And your said subjecte (as nevertheles by duty bounden) shall daylye praye to god for prosperous p[. . . . . . . . . ] majestie in all heal[th and happ]ines longe to Rewle & Reigne over us.