STAC 5/A59/10

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STAC 5/A59/10 - B - 44 Eliz - Yorkshire - Almoner v Robert Spencer, Anthony Burnesall STAC Spencer

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty

Humbly complaining sheweth and enformeth to and for your Majesty your majesty’s humble subject Anthony Watson by the divine providence Bishop of Chichester your Majestey’s Almoner. That whereas one Robert Atkinson late of Fereby in Hullshire in the County of York being possessed in his life time and at the time of his death of divers goods and chattels as his own proper goods and chattels to the value of one hundred marks or thereabouts and being possessed and interested in the said goods and chattels as his own proper goods and chattels, in or about the month of August in the one and fortieth year of your most prosperous reign did wilfully and feloniously not having the fear of god before his eyes drowned and destroyed himself and so became felo de se by reason whereof all of his said goods and chattles both real and personal remain forfeited to your Majesty as belonging to your Majeseys Prerogative Royal and ought to have been at the disposition of you Majesty’s said Almoner by virtue of your Majesty’s letters patents under the great Seale of England for and towards the relief of your Majesty’s gracious Alms in that behalf granted and made as by the said letters patents at large may appear. But so it is, may it please your most excellent Majesty that one Robert Spencor then Mayor of the Town of Hull in the said County of York and one Anthony Burnesall then Sheriff of the said Town of Hull did seize take and convert to their own use behoof and benefit all the said goods and chattles being of the value aforesaid, and the same and every part and parcel thereof do retain and keep from your Majesty’s said Almoner, and have denied and refused and still do deny and refuse contrary to law equity and any good conscience either to deliver the same to your Majesty’s said Almoner, or to make such satisfaction for all and every the same as your Majesty’s said Almoner In respect of your Majesty’s Alms might in any reasonable sort rest satisfied. All which their and either of their doings and dealings tend manifestly to the breach of your Majesty’s laws and the dishonorizing of your Majesty’s right to the same. and to the evil example of such like offenders if due reformation were not had and provided in these and the like cases, And for that your Majesty’s said Almoner is by the course of the common laws of this Realme remedies for the recovery of all and every the same. May it therefore please your excellent Majesty (the premisses considered) to grant your Majesty’s writs of Subpoena to be directed to the said Robert Spensor and Antony Burnesell commanding them and either of them by vertue thereof to be and appeare before the lordes of you most honourable privy council in your Majesty’s high court of Starchamber to answere all and every the premisses, and to abide such order for the same as the said Lords upon the hearing of the cause shall determine and set down. And your Majesty’s said Subject & Almoner will daily pray (as he is most bounden) for your Majesty’s precious health long to continue over all your faithfull and loving subjects,

  • note - in fact Burnsall was the mayor and Spencer was the sheriff (KHRO Bench Book 4. ff.228 and 330v)