STAC 5/A58/10r

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  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 23v.

A misdemeanor in two punished for striking a preacher after his sermon ended out of his church. Attorney Rex, plaintiff, by information against Holme and James Eckersall, the defendant convicted for striking of one Corker, a preacher, immediately after his sermon ended and made in the church of Manchester as he and one Hall another minister were going in the street toward their lodging by reason whereof a great multitude of people being there in the said street that came to the fair there kept that day were gathered together and the High Sheriff and justices were constrained to pacify the same, for which offence they were imprisoned for a quarter of a year and fined at one £100 apiece and to pay £10 to the preacher for his hurt and 20 nobles to the said Hall for his recompense and to make acknowledgment at the next fair.

Michaelmas 6 and 7 Elizabeth