STAC 5/A52/6

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STAC 5/A52/6 - B - 18 Eliz - Shropshire - John Almyas v Andrew Kirkby et al see STAC Almyas

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Quenes moste exellent Majestie

In his moste humble wiese Complayninge Sheweth unto your moste exellent majestie your moste humble suppliante and Faithfull subject John Amyas of newe Inne in the Countie of Middlesex gent. That whereas your said supliante in June and Julie Last paste videlicet in the xviijtieth yeare of your majestes Raigne was Lawfullie possessed of and in an Eyrie of Spare Hawke Eyred and bredd in a pasture or grownde of your Suppliante Called Chorleye Haye set Lyinge and Beinge in the parishe of Stotesdor in the Countie of Salope and so possessed had to his greate costes and Chardges wached the same Hawkes Continuallie with two persons at the Leaste frome the time they were but Egges untill they were dysclosed and in Effecte redye to flye and take the Bowe which was by the space of [blank] wekes at the Leaste with hope after suche Paynes taken therin and such chardges therupon bestowed to have had and Enjoyed suche pleasure and Benefyte of and by the said Hawkes as was and is ineate that the owners of like Hawkes shold and might have donne and others in like cases do. And for the better prevencion of the losse of the said Hawkes by stelthe or other violent takinge of the same did at suche time they grewe anythinge bigge might take the said Hawkes being iijo in nomber in to the howse and Everye morninge put them againe into the Eyrye to be fed by the haggard of the same Eyrie. But so yt was yff yt maye please your moste gracious Majestie that aboute the [blank] daie of the said monethe of Julie after your said Supliante had to suche his travell and chardges as aforesaid by the space aforsaid wached the said Eirye and Hawkes by his said survantes One Andrewe Kyrkby on Edward Clarke and on Adame Jones beinge persons as maye appeare by ther Accions, varrye dyssolute wilfull and dysordered and Carles of your Highnes Lawes and statutes beinge riotouslye and dysorderlie and Everie of them weaponed with sword and Buckler or sword or dadger and havinge with them of ther Confedracie and unlawfull assemblye togeather with soundrye other like Riotous persons as yet to your supliante unknowen and beinge speciallie guided to the said pasture growe or grownd of your said Suppliantes by some your supliantes priveye adversaries came verye Riotouslie and unlawfullie by night to the said grownd where the

saide Hawkes were Bredd and being placed by there said guyde nere unto the said neste or Eyrie. To one Adame Detton gent and Thomas Sponleye, who then gave attendance and wache upon the said hawkes Earlie in a morninge weare at the neste or Eyrie of the said Hawkes and puttinge upe the Hawkes in to the neste The said Riotouse pursons Kyrkeby Clarke and Jons, with there said weappons /\ drawen /\ and Covered faces came suddenlie out of the Bushes upon the said Dettun and Spenleye motmonslie them assalted beate and monder put them in Danger and Feare of there lives, and by force and violence not onlie tooke frome them your Suppliantes said Hawkes threateninge terriblie to kille the said Detton and Sponleye butt also with cordes garters and suche like Bounde the said Detton and Sponleye and Leveing Them so Bounde in that unlawfull and riotous sorte, caryed awaye with them your Suppliantes said Hawkes Contrarie to the Lawes and statutes of this your Majestes Realme to your said Supliant exprese and apparante wronge and to the perrylous examble of suche like evell geven and dysposed persons to attempte the like outrageous and misdemeanors yf Sharpe and sever ponishmente as maye be some terror, Do not herupon ensue. Maye yt ther fore pleas your gracious majestie of your greate and Accostomed clemencie to graunte unto your Supliante your Highnes write of Subpena to be Directed to the said [T ffces] Kirkbye Clarke and Jones Commaundinge them and Everye of them therbye personallie to appeare before your majestie in your Highnes most Highe Courte of Stare Chamber at a daie Certaine by your gracious said wryte to be admitted and appoynted them and there to make answere thereunto and to abyde suche order and Direction ther in and to your gracious majestie and the Laroece of your Highnes Honorable Counsaill shalbe thought meete and to accord with Justice and there demeryte and your said Suppliante and Faithfull subjecte shalle incessantlie pray unto almigtie god for to preserve your Highnes in Long lief with daylie increase of vertue.