STAC 5/A52/17

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STAC 5/A52/17 - B - - Wiltshire - AG (Gerrarde) v Gyles Fessard, Walter Sherwood et al see STAC Fessard

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majesty

Gilbert Gerrarde Attorney general to our sovereign Lady the Queen giveth Information to this honorable Court That where one Gyles Feasarde of Donnhyde Marys [Donhead St Mary] in the County of Wiltshire at a general Sessions of Peace holden at new Salisbury the Thursday next after the feast of the Epiphany last past before divers of the Justices of Peace of the said commission, was very justly and lawfully indicted for speaking and uttering of certain slaunderous and seditious words hereafter expressed, (that is to say) for that the said Giles did very sedeciously say and publish, That there is a prayer now newly set forth by the Queen’s majesty which is ungodly and made by some ungodly person, And is a railing prayer and such as can not be allowed by god’s word, And is able to set princes together by the ears, And that the Queen’s majesty is in such fear of herself at this present, Because she hath gone so far in maintenance of the gospel, That now she is ready to forsake it again, And that such men as have been makers of new prayers and Gospellers if their come a time they will be burned or hanged for their labour, As by the same indictment more at large it doth and may appeare, And the said Giles Fesarde so being indicted and being present at the said general Sessions of Peace was then and there presently called before the said Justices of Peace And put to answer to the said indictment, whereupon the said Gyles Fesarde by his sinister labour having hope and trust to find more friendship in his trial by the Country, Than the truth of his cause required, did then plead and answer for himself to the said indictment, That he was not guilty of the speaking and uttering of the said seditious words, And thereupon did put him self to the trial of the country, whereupon one Walter Sherwoodde, Robert Broocher, Thomas Bendbury, Philipp Morgan, John Browne John, William Rakell, William Abbott, John Grene, William Grene, John Wyse, Humfray Imber and Richard Woodfof, being freeholders of the said County, And then and there present were all returned impanelled and sworne in the said Sessions of Peace, for the trial of the said issue, Between the Queens majesty, And the said Gyles Fesarde as by the records remaining before the said Justices of Peace, more at large will appeare, And so it is right honourable lords that although upon the trial of the said issue there were three honest and substantial persons, there openly sworn, who upon their oaths gave evidence to the said Jury, And did openly testify and declare, That the said Gyles Fesard, did very seditiously speak utter and publishe the said slanderous and seditious words mentioned and expressed within the said indictment, yet nevertheless the said Jury not dreading god nor the Queen’s majesty’s laws, But inclining themselves only to such sinister and corrupt labour and and means, as was made unto them by the said Gyles Fesarde and his adherents, And neglecting the said direct plain and perfect evidence, That was given unto them by the said three witnesses And following their own fancy without any respect or regard of their oaths, did then and there presently very unjustly aquitted the said Gyles Fesarde of the said matters whereof he was so indicted contrary to all equity, whereby the said Jury have committed verywilful perjury to the great displeasure of almighty god, And conrary to the laws of this realm wherefore the said Attorney General for and on the behalf of our said sovereign Lady the Queen prayeth that as well the said Gyles Fesarde, As also all the said persons before named that were upon the said Jury may be called by process into this honourable Court to make answer to all the premises, and thereupon to receive such condign punishment for their said offences, As to this honourable Court shall be thought meet and convenient.