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Dec 1580, Anno 23 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 144 are here [1]

Dec 2

  • TNA SP 12/144, 45, Articles against Edmond Plowden, of the Middle Temple, for matters of religion
  • TNA SP 12/144, 46. Articles against Edmond Plowden, of the Middle Temple, for matters of religion, another copy

Dec 3

  • TNA SP 12/144, 47. Letter, PC to the Commissioners for Musters in Hampshire

Dec 12

  • TNA SP 12/144, 48. Declaration of John Parker, of Hagworthingam, Lincoln. How he became a Papist

Dec 13

  • TNA SP 12/144, 49. Letter, William Herlle to Sir Edw. Horsey, foreign news

Dec 14

  • TNA SP 12/144, 50. Letter, William Herlle to Edw. Cornwall, tntends to talk with him of "Drake's circuityon of the world."

Dec 16

  • TNA SP 12/144, 51. Petition by the Merchants Adventurers, for maintenance of their privileges

Dec 19

  • TNA SP 12/144, 52. Letter, Commissioners for Musters of horses in Cambridge to the Earl of Sussex
  • TNA SP 12/144, 52. i. Certificate Commissioners for Musters of horses in Cambridge of the imperfections of their instructions

Dec 20

  • TNA SP 12/144, 53. Letter, Henry Lord Norreys to PC, for deputies in the commission for the Muster of horses in Oxfordshire
  • TNA SP 12/144, 54. Opinion of the Earl of Sussex, Lord Chamberlain, on the reception to be given to the Ambassador from Savoy
  • TNA SP 12/144, 55. Amount of daily wages of the stonemasons and labourers now working at Folkstone, for the pier of Dover
  • TNA SP 12/144, 56. Petition of Morris Pyckering, money from Sir George Peckham, for relief of poor prisoners for religion
  • TNA SP 12/144, 57. Certificate by Morris Pyckering of his interview with Sir George Peckham

Dec 21

  • TNA SP 12/144, 58. Examination of Morris Pyckering, re money from Sir George Peckham for prisoners in the Gatehouse for religion

Dec 23

  • TNA SP 12/144, 59. Letter, Barnard Mawde to Sir Robert Stapleton, private affairs

Dec 24

  • TNA SP 12/144, 60. Account, Francis Drake, bullion in ingots, brought from Sion, and laid up in a vault under the Jewel House
  • TNA SP 12/144, 61. Letter, Nicolas Clarke to Walsingham, wages for men at the bulwark of West Tilbury

Dec 26

  • TNA SP 12/144, 62. Examination of John Taylor, before George Carey, on his conversation with Roger Yardley, servant of Mr. Gilbert

Dec 28

  • TNA SP 12/144, 63. Letter, Albericus Gentilis, "Italus," to the Earl of Leicester, his hope of success in the University

Dec 31

  • TNA SP 12/144, 64. Extract, examination of John Hart on the Bull of Pope Pius V. for the excommunication of Queen Elizabeth
  • TNA SP 12/144, 65. Copy of TNA SP 12/144, 64

December undated

  • TNA SP 12/144, 66. Answer of Sir Henry Lee to allegations of George Whitton, deer stealing sixteen years since
  • TNA SP 12/144, 67. Answers by Lawrence Argoll to objections against his suit for registration of wills
  • TNA SP 12/144, 68. Statement of the number of wills proved in the Prerogative Court, Lawrence Argoll's suit
  • TNA SP 12/144, 69. A discourse delivered to Mr. Sheldon, to persuade him to conform
  • TNA SP 12/144, 70. A consideration of the advantages to be gained by opening a direct trade with Turkey, by Sir Fr. Walsingham
  • TNA SP 12/144, 71. A brief declaration of the profit, honor, and fame, by marts, to be kept in England
  • TNA SP 12/144, 72. Grant to William Herlle of the office of the Queen's Constable, County of Cardigan, for life
  • TNA SP 12/144, 73. Account of the establishment of the Tower, its jurisdiction, and boundaries of the franchise
  • TNA SP 12/144, 74. Grievances of the citizens of London who deal in soapmaking

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