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August 1568, Anno 10 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 47 are here [1]

Aug 1

  • TNA SP 12/47, 29. Letter, Nicholas Stere to Cecil, complains of the conduct of one Jones
  • TNA SP 12/47, 30. Letter, Sir Peter Carew, Sir Gawen Carew, and Sir John Chichester to Cecil, piracy in the West of England

Aug 3

  • TNA SP 12/47, 31. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, news from Scotland, Prince of Orange will take the field

Aug 6

  • TNA SP 12/47, 32. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, news in Dover, overthrow of Count Lewis of Nassau

Aug 7

  • TNA SP 12/47, 33. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, confirmation of Lewis of Nassau's defeat
  • TNA SP 12/47, 34. Letter, Tho. Wilson to Cecil, has left letters for signing with the Earl of Leicester
  • TNA SP 12/47, 35. Letter, Hieronymus Jerlitus to Cecil, sends a medicine, and recommends the bearer

Aug 8

  • TNA SP 12/47, 36. Notes, Cecil's hand, the Borders, Scotland, Musters, terms for a treaty with Scotland

Aug 9

  • TNA SP 12/47, 37. Letter, Sylvester Bride? to Mr. Oswald Wilkenson. news of the overthrow of the Protestants in Flanders

Aug 13

  • TNA SP 12/47, 38. Letter, Mayor of Rye to Cecil, arrivals from France, Stewart a Scot, and Madame de Muye

Aug 14

  • TNA SP 12/47, 39. Letter, Lord Cobham to Cecil, news from Flanders
  • TNA SP 12/47, 40. Letter, Overton to Cecil, death of Bishop of Chichester, recommends William Day, provost of Eton, to succeed him

Aug 18

  • TNA SP 12/47, 41. Letter, Walsyngham to Cecil, Queen is displeased at the choice of Stewart as French emissary
  • TNA SP 12/47, 42. Letter, Grindall to Cecil, health, Raphael, the benevolence, death of the Bishop of Chichester

Aug 19

  • TNA SP 12/47, 43. Letter, Archbishop Parker to Cecil, Mr. Courtes, the Queen's Chaplain, for bishopric of Chichester
  • TNA SP 12/47, 44. Letter, Valentyne Dale to Cecil, arrest of English ships and goods at Dantzic

Aug 25

  • TNA SP 12/47, 45. Letter, Ormond to Winchester, recommends the suit of the bearers, Alkynton et al

Aug 28

  • TNA SP 12/47, 46. Letter, Duckett to Cecil, arrest of English ships and goods at Dantzic

Aug 29

  • TNA SP 12/47, 47. Letter, Owen O'Connor to Cecil, thanks him for great and singular benefits conferred on him

Aug 30

  • TNA SP 12/47, 48. Letter, Pembroke, Leicester and Cecil to the Merchant Adventurers. to promote the lottery

August undated

  • TNA SP 12/47, 49. Letter, some citizens of London, to the Queen. Offer to increase Her Majesty's customs by 1,000l. a year
  • TNA SP 12/47, 50. Declaration, William Wade of the sinister dealing of Mr. Cockerham towards him
  • TNA SP 12/47, 51. Note, things wanting to finish the platform for the great ordnance at Portsmouth

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