SCF 1593

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From Extracts in E159/404 ([1])

Hilary Term, 35 Elizabeth

  • From Thomas Alsoppe de Castle Hey, Staffs, gent: £30.
  • From John Fowler of the parish of Awdeley, Staffs, husbandman: £5.
  • From Gilbert Bybbye de Salforde, Lancs, gent: £10.
  • From Arthur Forthe of London, gent: £20.
  • From Gilbert Sherrington of Grays Inn, Middx, armiger: £40.
  • From John ap Price de Ruthin, Denb: 40s.
  • From Reginald Moham de Bocconocke, Corn, armiger: 40s.
    • (From E159/412[2]: recognizance of Feb 17 by William Williams de Bedrayre, Carn, armiger for 40 marks with defeasance by payment of costs and by abiding the orders in Williams v. John Wynne in Star Chamber)

From Extracts in E159/406 ([3])

Michaelmas Term, 35-36 Elizabeth

  • From Robert Constable de Engleton, Yorks: £10.
  • From Oliver Tenaunte de Bencome, Yorks: 40s.
  • From Thomas Walker de Engleton, Yorks: 40s.
  • From Thomas Craven de Engleton, Yorks: 40s.
  • From George Kytchyn de Engleton, Yorks: 40s.
  • From Henry Clerkson de ____, Lancs: 40s.
  • From William Frankelin de Rowlesby, Norf: £50.
  • From Thomas Eden de Marcham, Norf: £50.
  • From Anthony Eden de Marcham, Norf: £10.
  • From Bartholomew Eden de Marcham, Norf: £10.
  • From John Marche de Marcham, Norf: £10.
  • From William Dyer of the county and City of Coventry: £10.
  • From George Fishe de Sowthiell, Beds: £10.
  • From John Fishe, gent, de Sowthiell, Beds: £6 13s 4d.
  • From John Wolfall of the City of London: 100 marks.
  • From Nicholas Skeirs of the City of London: £10.
  • From William Speeke de White Lackington, Som: 5 marks.

(The remainder of this extract is rendered along with the fines of 1594.)