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From Extracts in E159/402 ([1])

Hilary Term, 34 Elizabeth

  • From Laurence Jones de Calston, Wilts, cleric: 100 marks.
  • From William Kent de Newton Tonye, Wilts, gent: £40.
  • From Hugh Jones de Calston, Wilts, laborer: £40.
  • From John Joyner de Downton, Wilts, husbandman: £40.
  • From Richard Jones de Calne, Wilts, yeoman: £20.
  • From Richard, Lord Bishop of Laughlin (Leighlin?) in Ireland: £2,000.
  • From Nicholas White, knight, late Master of the Rolls there: £1,000.
  • From William Lumbarde late of Waterford in Ireland, gent: £100.
  • From Thomas Clynton late of the parish of All Hallows, London, gent: £200.
  • From Edward Tyrrell de Thorneton, Bucks, armiger: £100.
  • From George White de Wendforde, Bucks, gent: £50.

--William Mylle (For more, see below under extracts in E159/404)

From Extracts in E159/403 ([2])

Trinity Term, 34 Elizabeth

  • From Henry, Earl of Lincoln: £100.

--William Mylle

(For more, see below under extracts in E159/404 and E159/419)

From Extracts in E159/404 ([3])

Easter Term, 34 Elizabeth

  • From Marmaduke, bishop of St David: £100.

Trinity Term, 34 Elizabeth

  • From Nicholas Errington de Hele, Wilts, gent: 100 marks.
  • From William Kent de Newton Tony, Wilts, yeoman: £40.
  • Anthony Hawkes de Marbroughe, Wilts: £5.
  • From John Barney de Albrighton, Staffs, gent: £20.
  • From Thomas Herberte of the City of York: £10.
  • From Christofer Turnor of the City of York: £10.
  • From Richard Gibbes de Stevunhuth, Middx: £3 6s 8d.
  • From Thomas Manninge de Ratcliff, Middx: £3 6s 8d.
  • From John Moundeford de Wapping, Middx: £3 6s 8d.
  • From John Smythe de Wapping, Middx, mariner: £5.
  • From Thomas Russell of the parish of White Chapel, Middx: £26 6s 8d.
  • From Richard Warren de Towrestreet, London: £3.
  • From Nicholas Baguley of the parish of Clerkenwell, Middx: £3.
  • From William Wilson de Clerkenwell, Middx: 20s.
  • From Walter Thompson de Clerkenwell, Middx: £3.
  • From Robert Gaudye de Wapping, Middx: 40s.
  • From Thomas Gaudye de Paternoster Rowe, London: 20s.
  • From Robert Hunte de Thames Street, London, sailor: 20s.
  • From Thomas Jackson de Wapping, Middx: 20s.
  • From Griffin Jones de Turmyll Street, Middx: 20s.
  • From Thomas Bedome of the parish of St Catherines, Middx: £3 6s 8d.
  • From Richard Seakins de Mooregate, London: 20s.
  • From Robert Sparrowe de Newgate, London: 20s.
  • From Robert Ryckman of the parish of Stebunhuth: 40s.
  • From William Freeman of the parish of Stebunhuth, mariner: 40s.
  • From Jane Pemerton of the parish of Stebunhuth, widow: £3.
  • From Richard Sharpe of London, wax chandler: £5.
  • From Humfrey Higgyns de Ratcliffe: £10.
  • From Christofer Bacon, servant of the countess of Bedford: £5.
  • From Thomas Blacknall de Weston super le Green, Oxon: £5.
  • From John Cotes, servant of the earl of Lincoln: £5.

Michaelmas Term, 34-35 Elizabeth

  • From Walter Wotton de Highgate, Middx, armiger: £30.
  • From Robert Walche de Hetchingham, Sussex, gent: £40.
  • From Thomas Eves de Salehurst, Sussex: £6 13s 4d.
  • From Thomas Bemys de Hetchingham, Sussex: £6 13s 4d.
  • From Roger Gutsall de Senock, Kent: £6 13s 4d.
  • From Thomas Hale de Everton, Hunts, gent: 100 marks.
  • From John Colbeck de Temesforde, Beds, gent: £20.
  • From William Chaffer de Everton, husbandman: £20.
  • From Christofer Mayes de Temesford: £20.
  • From Agnes Barrett, wife of Richard Barrett de Tetworth, Hunts: £20.
  • From Simon Stringer de Shidlington, Hunts, husbandman: £20.

(The remainder of this extract is rendered along with the fines of 1593.)

From Extracts in E159/419 ([4])

Trinity Term, 34 Elizabeth

  • From William Kyrkham de Vincent, Northt, gent: £31,000 (sic)