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From Extracts in E159/366 [1]

Hilary Term, 16 Elizabeth

  • From James Powell, curate of the vicary of Banwell, Som, cleric: £10.
  • From Henry Blake, servant to John Yarburye de Warmister, Worcs, gent: £10.
  • From the same John Yarburye, gent: 40s.
  • From John Butcher, servant to the same John Yerburye: 40s.
  • From William Whitfeld, servant to the same John: 40s.
  • From Roger Tappe, servant to the same John: 40s.
    • Followed by a recognizance of John Yerburye de Warmister and others (including Powell) for £60 for the payment of the £28.
  • From John Dashefilde, servant to Thomas Whorwood de Comton, Staffs, armiger: £10.
  • From John Browne, servant to the same Thomas: £10.
  • From Edward Hale, servant to the same Thomas: 40s.
  • From Alan Hulton de Farneworth, Lancs, armiger: £40.
  • From Roger Halton de Bowlton, Lancs, gent: £15.
  • From Richard Dutton of Chester, merchant: £10.
  • From William Scofeld de Bowlton: £10.
  • From William Draper, jr, de Bowlton: £10.
  • From Richard Woodward late de Bowlton: £10.
  • From James Rothewell de Leyver, Lancs: £10.
  • From Arthur Grey, lord Grey de Wilton for himself and his five servants: £350.


From Extracts in E159/367 [2]

Easter Term, 16 Elizabeth

  • From Robert Fletcher de Stoke Bardolf, Notts, gent: 40s.
  • From Zachary Harbottell de Stoke Bardolf: 20s.
  • From Thomas Palfreyman de Gedlinge, Notts: 20s.
  • From Edward Wilcocke de Gedlinge, Notts: 20s.
  • From John Blofield de Cromer, Norf: £59 3s 4d.
  • From Thomas Wolcocke de Jacobstowe, Corn: £40.
  • From Thomas Trenowiche de St Wenne, Corn: £40.

Trinity Term, 16 Elizabeth

  • From John Allen, sr, de Buckelande, Surrey: £10.
  • From John Reffey, de Buckelande, Surrey: 40s.
  • From William Staunton de Buckelande: 40s.
  • From William Ladde de Buckelande: 40s.
  • From John Denbighe de Buckelande: 40s.
  • From John Woodman de Buckelande: 40s.
  • From John Lawrence de Buckelande: 40s.
  • From Richard Allen de Rygate de Buckelande: 40s.
  • From Humfrey Berham de Bridgewater, Som: £20.
  • From Gerrard Croker de Steeple Barton, Oxon: £5.
  • From Christofer Atkinson, servant to the same Gerrard: 40s.
  • From George Geves de Hethroppe, Oxon: 40s.
  • From Thomas Taylor de Hook Norton, Oxon: 40s.
  • From Robert Hamwell de Steeple Barton, Oxon: 40s.
  • From Anthony Masterson de Wennington, Ches, gent: £20.
  • From John Creswell de Sutton, Ches: £10.
  • From William Rowe, servant to John Holcroft, knight: £10.


From Extracts in E159/368 [3]

Michaelmas Term, 16-17 Elizabeth

  • From Robert Ludlowe de Horsington, Som: £5.
  • From George Usher de Westbury, Wilts, yeoman: 40s.
  • From John Marche de Wincalton, Som, gent: £5.
  • From Walter Tyte de Wincalton, Som: 40s.
  • From Henry Wood de Wincalton, Som: 40s.
  • Thomas Ewyns de Wincalton, Som, gent: £5.
  • From Alexander Ewyns de Wincalton: £5.

(The remainder of this extract is rendered along with the fines of 1575.)