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H1360 A Error. Common Pleas 31 Edward III Annual rent Bedfordshire William, prior of Newenham v. Prior of Merton Link f[1], d[]
M1360 A Error. Ireland 32 Edward III Annual rent Abbot of Port St Mary v. Prior of St. Edmund de Athissel Linkf[2], d[3]
M1360 B Error. Cheshire County Court 33 Edward III Formedon in the remainder Cheshire William son of Peter de Brichull & Cecilia his wife v. John Sywenston Linkf[4], d[5]
M1360 C Error. Common pleas 32 Edward III Warwickshire Account receivers Roger la Zouche knight, William Feriby, and Anketil Mallore executors of William la Zouche late Archbishop of York v. Thomas de Carlel parson of Stanop, John Gillyng, and Roger de Eston Linkf[6], d[7]
M1360 D Error. Justices itinerant 30 Edward III Somerset Novel disseisin John le Yonge jr v. Walter de Wydecombe, William Vocle, Peter Vocle, John Toukere, and Thomas le Gountz & Alice his wife Linkf[8], d[9]


H1361 A Error. Cheshire 34 Edward III Cheshire Right William de Penreth & Margery his wife and Ellen late wife of Adam de Praers v. Robert de Wylaston & Margery his wife Linkf[10], d[]
H1361 B Error. Oyer and terminer 32 Edward III Shropshire Trespass Lewis de Cherleton, William de Cherleton, and Thomas de Byshebury v. Hugh Carles and other wrongdoers. The wrongdoers arrayed in warlike mode took, imprisoned and mistreaed the plaintiffs and others Linkf[11], d[12]
M1361 A Error. Commission on walls, gutters, and sewers in Holland, Lincolnshire 33 Edward III Linkf[13], d[]


H1362 A Error. Common pleas 18 Edward III Herefordshire Nuisance: raising a gutter Prior of Llanthony Prime in Wales v. Stephen de Ledebury dean and chapter of St Ethelbert Hereford, and Walter Carles Linkf[14], d[], f[15], d[]
E1362 A Error. Itinerant justices 26 Edward III Berkshire Novel disseisin Robert son of Richard Perle de Drayton v. William son of Richard Bysshop de Abyndon and Joan the daughter of the same William, William Perle de Drayton, John Perys de Drayton, Reginald Pony de Abyndon, William Forner de Abyndon, John Northerne de Abyndon, and Thomas Stoyl de Wytenham Linkf[16], d[17]
T1362 A Error. Itinerant justices 36 Edward III Somerset Novel disseisin Thomas Broke v. Richard de Abberbury knight & Agnes his wife, and Nicholas Hert Linkf[18], d[19]
M1362 A Error. Common pleas 16 Edward III Yorkshire Covenant Richard, prior of Wartre v. Robert, abbot of Fountains Linkf[20], d[21]


H1363 A Error. Justices itinerant 36 Edward III Oxfordshire Novel Disseisin Cristina late wife of Thomas de Lillyngston v. Thomas atte Welle, William Torvyle, Thomas Panyle, John Ferour parson of Lillingston Dansy, Geoffrey Thurbarn, John Penyfader, William Penyfader, Robert Clerk de Lillingston, Roger atte Chaumbre, and Simon Wyther f[22], d[]
E1363 A Error. Oxford city court 35 Edward III Oxfordshire Right Robert son of Walter Portreve de Brehull v. Emma late wife of John de St Fredeswyda and Walter de Leverton parson of St Aldates Linkf[23], d[24]
M1363 A Error. Common Pleas 36 Edward III London Debt Walter son of Thomas de Walden lately citizen and apothecary of London, John de Hurle, and John Colinstoke, executors of Thomas Walden lately citizen and apothecary of London v. William Trussell, sr, knight; William Trussell, jr, John le Gray de Rotherfeld, Amice le Gray, John de Shareshull, cleric, and John de Bledelowe Linkf[25], d[26]
M1363 B Error. Oyer and Terminer 37 Edward III Lancashire Trespass John le Deyf & Margery his wife v. Richard de Sale & Margaret his wife Linkf[27], d[]


M1364 A Error. Justices itinerant. 38 Edward III Novel disseisin John Noble, cleric v. Elizabeth late wife of John Mowbray, knight, John de Berlond, John de Knayton, John del Ile de Thresk, Thomas Marshal de Thresk, clerk, Thomas Taverner de Wodehall Kirkebymalsart Linkf[28], d[]
M1364 B Error. Common Pleas. 36 Edward III Account receiver Adam de Bury, citizen of London v. John de Topclyve de Thurkelby, Yorks Linkf[29]


H1365 A Error. Common Pleas. 37 Edward III Debt Henry, abbot of Peterborough v. Simon Morcote, parson of Long Collingham, executor of John de Eston, Northt, and Geoffrey Ridel of Castre, coexecutor, and John Geffron & Katherine his wife, coexecutor Linkf[30], d[]
E1365 A Error. Oyer and Terminer. 37 Edward III Indictment of felony William Wormegeye of Ely Linkf[31], d[]
T1365 B Error. Court of Great Yarmouth 37 Edward III Assize of Fresh Force John de Acle v. Isabel late wife of Peter Cressy, Margaret daughter of Peter Cressy, and Joan sister of said Margaret, Benedict of Rochagh, and John Bene Linkf[32], d[33]
M1365 A Error. Court of Common Pleas. 36 Edward III Trespass Anestasia who was the wife of William Otry v. Alianora who was the wif eof John Boye and Peter Parys & Isabel his wife Linkf[34], d[35]
M1365 B Error. Court of Common Pleas. 38 Edward III Formedon in the Descender Hugh le Mercer de Church Stretton & Alice his wife v. John Bailly Linkf[36], d[]


H1366 A Error. Common Pleas. 36 Edward III Debt Robert Fraunceys v. William de Wychyford Linkf[37], d[]
H1366 B Error. Oyer and Terminer 36 Edward III Re repair of the Great Bridge of Cambridge Linkf[38], d[39]
H1366 C Error. Oyer and Terminer 36 Edward III Commission Linkf[40], d[41]
E1366 A Error. Oyer and Terminer 37 Edward III Conspiracies in Lancashire Gilbert de Sutworth v. Richard de Sale Linkf[42], d[43]
T1366 A Error. Justices Itinerant. 39 Edward III Novel disseisin Abbess of Wilton v. Thomas de la Bere & Isabel his wife, William Thomere; John, parson of Hornblanton; Richard Lovelach; and William Crokkere Linkf[44], d[]
T1366 B Error. Common Pleas. 26 Edward III Entry ad terminum qui preteriit in the post Peter, late prior of Tutbury v. Nicholas de Denton. Lands in Broughton by Danebridge. Linkf[45], d[46]
T1366 C Error. Common Pleas. 38 Edward III Debt John Broun de Ilmendon v. John Weleye de Chipping Campden Linkf[47], d[]
T1366 D Error. Turn of Toseland Hundred at St Neots, Hunts 40 Edward III Nuisance: Repair of Tastardes Bridge Abbot of Warden Linkf[48], d[]
M1366 A Error. Common Pleas. 39 Edward III Statute of Laborers John Nicholesson & Rex v. John Boteller, William de DAunne; and John Atte Wode Linkf[49], d[50]
M1366 B Error. Common Pleas. 39 Edward III Debt William Cray & Alice his wife, executrix of William Welleford, citizen and clothier of London v. Hugh de Swaford de Braundeston, Rutland Linkf[51], d[]
M1366 C Error. Justices Itinerant 37 Edward III Novel Disseisin Robert Grubbe and John Pelham of Sandwich v. Richard de Stranton de Stonore and John Arundell of Sandwich. Lands in Menstre, the town of St Peter, the town of St John, the town of St Lawrence, and Monkton. Linkf[52], d[53]


E1367 A Error. City Court of Coventry 38 Edward III Right as formedon in the remainder Walter Huysher & Joan his wife, and John Andreu of Coventry & Juliana his wife v. Robert de Bruggeford & Alice his wife, and Thomas the brother of the same Alice Linkf[54], d[55]
E1367 B Error. Oyer and Terminer. 40 Edward III Trespass John Botetourt, knight v. Henry de Morwode together with William le Personesman Linkf[56], d[57]; f[58], d[]
T1367 A Error. Common Pleas. 40 Edward III Trespass, false imprisonment Geoffrey Wythcleve v. William Cotteshalek, Hugh thatwasWilliamesservant Cotteshale; John Stodele; and Richard Wodehay Linkf[59], d[60]
M1367 A Error. City Court of Coventry. 38 Edward III Debt Nicholas de Wartre v. William Walsheman of Coventry Linkf[61], d[62]
M1367 B Error. Oyer and Terminer. 38 Edward III Indictment for rape William son of Hugh de Penne Linkf[63], d[64]


E1368 A Error. City Court of Coventry. 41 Edward III Novel Disseisin Thomas Curwen of Coventry & Agnes his wife v. William son of William de Bishops Ichington, Walter Whitewebbe of Coventry; Thomas Bretford of Coventry, and John Smith Linkf[65], d[66]
E1368 B Error. Turn at Morlay, Yorks 41 Edward III Repair of the bridge between Birstall and Birstalkirk Rector of the church of Birstall Link f[67], d[]
M1368 A Error. Justices of the Duke of Lancaster 1368 (6 John of Gaunt) Trespass: breaking park Duke v. William son of Willian de Stanfield, Nicholas the brother of said William, and John the brother of said Nicholas Linkf[68], d[]


E1369 A Error. Common Pleas. 40 Edward III Debt on an obligation John de Hale, knight v. Richard de Brankescombe Linkf[69], d[70]
T1369 A Error. Common Pleas. 42 Edward III Debt Nicholas Sad v. William Celynes Linkf[71], d[]
T1369 B Error. Oyer and Terminer 35 Edward III Presentment Thomas Pichard Linkf[72], d[]
T1369 C Error. Common Pleas. 40 Edward III Account receiver Thomas Garaunter executor of Geoffrey Benflour and William Canynges & Agnes his wife coexecutrix with said Thomas v. Roger Wyke, John Myne de Cork, and Thomas Don of Hereford Linkf[73]
M1369 A Error. Common Pleas. 42 Edward III Debt Peter de Dale v. Lawrence Janyn and Edith de Langenowe Linkf[74], d[75]
M1369 B Error. Town Court of King's Lynn. 41 Edward III Fresh Force Adam de Penteneye v. John son of Thomas de Lincoln of Bishop's Lynn; Nicholas de Swerdiston; John de Feldezate; Walter de Dunton; and John Say Linkf[76], d[77]