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E1350 A: Error. Cornwall. (23 Edward III). Quare non admisit. Rex v. John, bishop of Exeter, concerning the presentation of Richard de Eccleshale to the church of Suthill, which presentation had been recovered against Ralph, baron of Stafford. f[1], d[2] rcp

E1350 B: Error. Northamptonshire. Common Pleas (23 Edward III.) Return of ward. John de Kaynes v. Elizabeth who was the wife of Bartholomew del Isle. f[3], d[] rcp

E1350 C: Certiorari. Wiltshire. Oyer and Terminer. (21 Edward III.) Trespass: free warren. Robert, bishop of Salisbury v. Hildebrand de Loundres chivaler, Robert de Loundres chivaler, Hildebrand Barre, William Barre, Thomas le Hunte, Geoffrey le Spenser, Reginald Palfreyman, Robert Hildebrand palfreyman, and Robert Lydierd chaplain. f[4], d[5] rcp

T1350 A: Error. Yorkshire. Common Pleas (21 Edward III). Account receiver. Gilbert de Pokelyngton of York cleric v. Robert Martyn de Haytfeld and Thomas Maryner cook. f[6], d[] rcp

M1350 A: Error. Derbyshire. Pleas of the Crown. Presentment of William de Ingwardeby and William son of Nicholas de Ingwardeby as common maintainers. f[7], d[8]

M1350 B: Error. Derbyshire. Justices itinerant. Novel disseisin. Thomas Huberd v. John Brocas chivaler, William Paulyn de Odecombe, William Boys, John de York, William Danyel, Robert Cras, John le Cartere, Walter le Coliere, Geoffrey Shakespere and Alice de Cranford. f[9], d[10]


H1351 A: Error. Suffolk. Custodians of the Peace (24 Edward III). Trespass: breach of close. Roger le Smyth de Preston v. John de Bildeston de Hadleygh, John Waryn de Hadleygh and John de Kirketon. f[11], d[12] rcp

H1351 B: Certiorari. Essex. Oyer and terminer (23 Edward III). Presented that John de Ultynge and Peter de Barton together with other wrongdoers in 1350 at Chelmsford came to the county court for pleas of the crown before the sheriff and coroners of Essex and assaulted Godfrey le Wold, a certain men of the law who was doing his masters' business in the county court and thus enervated the governance of the realm. And at other county court sessions assault Thomas Whitheved clerk of the sheriff, coroners and bailiff itinerant of the county. And they threatened Richard Stacy chief clerk of the heriff and held him and perturbed him from leaving the hall where pleas of the crown were held until he made fine with Roland by 60s. f[13], d[14] rcp

E1351 A: Error. Staffordshire. Common pleas (14 Edward II). Annual Rent. Abbess of Polesworth v. William de Ippestones parson of Eyton. f[15], d[16] rcp

T1351 A: Error. Ireland. (6 Edward III). Sedition of Maurice fitz Thomas, earl of Desmond. f[17], d[18] rcp

T1351 B: Error. Oyer and Terminer. John, bishop of Exeter v. Ralph le Bret, Theobald de Grenevylle, Walter de Steveneston, Thomas de Merton, Walter de Merton jr, Thomas Treuger, Robert Treuger, Walter Treuger, Robert son of Thomas Treuger, Walter Wyteby, Robert Geneys, John de Lunyscote, Robert de Lunyscote, Richard Duraunt, William Colyn de Toryton, John Bord de Toryton, Richard Pope, Walter fitz William, Richard Austyn, Walter Austyn, John Corun, Richard Perel, Roger Duraunt, Henry Bybyr, John Byke, William Cruwys de Toryton, Thomas de Tetysbyry, Baldwin de Tetysbury, Roger de Markeden, Walter Byrman de Hichynton, Hugh Gate atte Toune, Simon atte Toune, Henry Laneman, Simon Gondryg, Nicholas Coke, John Culwe atte Mede, Thomas Randolf, John ate Lake, Simon atte Mede jr, Robert atte Mede Goba, William Denman de Matislond, Walter Denman de Matilond, Robert de Bryton, John Dur de Torynton chaplain, Richard Dole, William Davy, William Freman, Robert Carevylle, Richard Yvelcome, Baldwin de Yvelcome, John de Gosham, John Rede de Toryton, Robert son of Margaret de Stowe, John de Hynneden, Mauger Cossyn, Richard Duraunt skinner, John Payn, Ralph Gile baker, John Mabely de Toryton, Robert Sprot de Schepwash, William Wele, John Cruwys de Toryton, Roger de Tetysbury, John Hamond de Lychynton, Thomas Blowere de Schepwash, John Paper, Walter Davy, John Trenysek, John Pennoun, Nicholas Muleward de Kilkhampton, Thomas Brounyg, Richard Bronyg, Roger de Tetysbury, Thomas Gay de Toryton, Richard Spenser de Toryton butcher, Alan Cruwes de Toryton, John le Rede de Kilkhampton, Walter de Stowe, John Gille, John Ivelcome, Robert de Wescote, John de Longhyncote, Walter Haut, Walter Trilfere, Thomas Scot, John le Wyse de Kilkhampton, John Domman, Thomas de Stowe, Richard Byry, John son of Thomas Treuger, Walter Wytheved de Kilkhampton, and Simon Geneys. Trespass: they confederated together in a warlike manner and went to Bishop's Taunton. They invaded the bishop's manor there at night, broke into the house there, took 200 oxen, 100 cows, and 1000 sheep worth 500 marks and took another 100 p.s. worth of goods and chattels. f[19], d[20]; WITH AN ATTAINT in M1351 f[21], d[] rcp

T1351 C: Error. Somerset. Common pleas (24 Edward III). Debt on a statute merchant. Hawise who was the wife of John de Bradeston, Warin atte Stone, John de Bratton and Henry de Rademor, executors of John de Bradeston v. John atte Yurd. f[22], d[23] rcp

T1351 D: Error. Bristol town court. Fresh force without writ. Alice daughter of John de Brideport v. John Wyke touker and Isabella his wife. f[24], d[] rcp

M1351 A: Error and Attaint. Assize justices. Devon. Novel disseisin. John de Chelfham v. John Waleys chivaler, John Loterel chivaler, Henry atte Wille, Richard Molitz, and John Notebien. f[25], d[] rcp

M1351 B: Certiorari. Common Pleas (20 Edward III). Essex. Entry post disseisin. Abbot of Coggeshall v. William de Rushebroke chivaler. d[26] rcp


E1352 A: Error. Bristol (25 Edward III). Fresh force without writ as intrusion. Robert Gyen of Bristol v. William de Peyto and Isabella his wife, John Toryton, Geoffrey Martyn, Richard de Norton, John Radecombe, Roger Spert, Simon Russel, Gregory Blanket, Henry Pylke, Thomas Pyke, Thomas Halewye, Walter Derby, William cleric of William Peyto, and William Cooke. f[27], d[] rcp

T1352 A: Error. Itinerant justices (25 Edward III). Assize of novel disseisin. John, bishop of Lincoln and Walter atte Berghe v. Thomas de Temese and Elizabeth his wife, Agnes son of John de Hadele and Margery sister of that Agnes, Robert Fynke, and Richard Herebert. f[28], d[29] rcp

T1352 B: Error. Coventry (25 Edward III). Assize of novel disseisin. Warwickshire. Henry Dilkok of Coventry and Margery his wife v. Agnes Ballard, Thomas de Nassington, and Gilbert de Pounteneye. f[30], d[31] rcp

T1352 C: Certiorari. Justices itinerant (19 Edward III). Assize of novel disseisin. William son of William Marmyun v. John son of John Marmyun, William de Parys, and Robert Hault. f[32], d[33] rcp

T1352 D: Error. Justices itinerant (26 Edward III}. Berkshire. Assize of novel disseisin. Robert son of Richard Perle de Drayton v. William son of Richard Byshop de Abyndon and Joan daughter of that William, William Perle de Drayton, John Peris de Drayton, Reginald Pony de Abyndon, Thomas Sadelere de Abyndon, Richard Bollok de Abyndon, Henry Bollok de Abyndon, William Tayn de Abyndon, William Forner de Abyndon, John Mayheu de Abyndon, John Northerne de Abyndon, and Thomas Stoyl de Wytenham; lands. f[34], d[35] rcp

T1352 E: Error. Common pleas (14 Edward II). Staffordshire. Annual rent. Abbess of Polesworth v. William de Ippestones parson of Eyton. f[36], d[37] rcp

T1352 F: Error. View of frankpledge of Rochford Hundred, Essex. John de Pritewell had been found obliged to make a common way toward the sea called Spotelislane six feet wide. f[38] rcp

M1352 A: Error. Ireland common pleas (15 Edward III). Entry post disseisin. David, archbishop of Armagh v. William son of William de London knight. f[39], d[40] rcp

M1352 B: Error. Common pleas (14 Edward II). Annual rent. Abbess of Polesworth v. William de Ippestones parson of Eyton. f[41], d[42] rcp


M1353 A: Error. Redisseisin inquest before sheriff (27 Edward III). John Seward v. Robert Bertelot and Thomas his son. f[43], d[] rcp

M1553 B: Error. Common pleas (26 Edward III). Deceit of court. Robert de Elkington and Elizabeth his wife, John de NBentele and Ada his wife, John Charnels de Tedenay and Isabella his wife, qui tam v. Robert de Stuteville. f[44], d[45], f[46], d[] rcp

M1553 C: Error. Common pleas (27 Edward III). Right of Advowson. Hampshire. Roger Husee chivaler v. Prior of Lanthony by Gloucester. f[47], d[48] rcp


H1554 A: Error. Oyer and terminer (26 Edward III). Trespass assault. Sussex. William de Wyghtresham v. Thomas de Passele knight, William Pagsham, John his brother, Robert Frend, John Stouke, John Standowe, John Thomestok de Passele, John Kenne. f[49], d[50] rcp

H1554 B: Error. Oyer and terminer (26 Edward III). Trespass assault. Sussex. Geoffrey de Say v. Thomas de Passele knight,William Pagsham, John his brother, Robert Frend, John Stouke, John Standowe. f[51], d[52] rcp

E1554 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant (13 Edward III). Cornwall. Robert de Bilkemor v. William Payr de Trengoythel, Hamelin Wille de Bosfrancon, Alan Wolewayn, Robert de Bosveynon, Philip de Trendreynon, Reginald de Chywarton, William de Roscaswall, John son of William Poayr de Trengoythel and Isabella his wife, Solda late the wife of Henry Wolewayn and Matilda late the wife of Michael de Trendreynon. f[53], d[54] rcp

E1354 B: Error. Justices itinerant (27 Edward III). Essex. Walter Bygod knight v. Hugh de Blount knight. f[55], d[] rcp

T1354 A: Error. Common pleas (24 Edward III). Derbyshire. Land. Rex v. Hugh son and heir of Lawrence Coterel who was vouched to warrant Alice wife of John Rodeyerd admitted to defend her right by default of John. Two-thirds of half the manor of Derley. f[56], d[] rcp

M1354 A: Error. Justices itinerant (17 Edward II). Novel disseisin. Warwickshire. William le Vinter de Lodbroke v. William de Allesleye and Agnes de Burthingbury, and Robert de Braydestone. f[57], d[58] rcp

M1354 B: Error. Coventry (28 Edward III). Debt. Richard de Yerk deyster v. John Percy chaplain. f[59], d[60] rcp


  • H1355 A: Error. Ireland exchequer (25 Edward III). Debt recognizance. Debt recognizance of 1,360 marks acknowledged to have been received by the Prior of Lanthony by GLoucester from the Archbishop of Dublin. Reviewed by petition to the king's council and sent now to king's bench. f[61], d[62]
  • H1355 B: Error. Cheshire (28 Edward III). Debt recognizance. Debt recognizance of 100 p.s. acknowledged to be owed to Nicholas de Longeford by Richard de Broale, Robert de Dokynfeld, Robert de Neuton, Matthew de Hulgrene, Richard de Prestlond, and William de Helegh in 21 Edward III. f[63], d[] rcp

  • E1355 C: Certiorari. Justices itinerant (24 Edward III). Wiltshire. Novel disseisin. Gilbert de Rokebourne v. Walter de Freyne and Philippa his wife, Patrick de Freyne, John de Whetleye chaplain, John de Bradenestoke knight, Walter Pedewardyn, Thomas son of Robert de Hiweye, and Nicholas his brother, Nicholas Eustas, Richard Eustas, Thomas de Chisyngbury, Nicholas son of Adam le Yonge, Cristina Danyeles, and Thomas AttePurye. f[64], d[] rcp
  • E1355 D: Error. Oyer and terminer (28 Edward III). Huntingdonshire. Trespass: breach of close. Blanch late the wife of Thomas Wake de Lydell v. Thomas, bishop of Ely, Thomas Doraunt parson of Stretham in the Isle of Ely, and Stephen de Brokesburne warden of the chapel of St Lawrence by Wormeley, together with John the brother of the bishop, Robert de Godyngton parson of Neuton by Wysbech, Henry de Shankton parson of Hadestoke, Robert Hale de Erithe, John Balhorn de Colne by Somersham, Ralph Carles, Henry Ferour, Richard Carter, ad certain other wrongdoers. f[65], d[66] rcp

  • T1355 A: Error. Oyer and terminer (24 Edward III). Wiltshire. Humfrey de Bohun earl of Hereford and Essex v. John Talbot de Troubrigge, John Torneye de Wolverynton, Robert Torneye de la Boxe, John Asheleye, Reginald Aysheleye, Thomas Poulyn de Trol, Lawrence Baly de Henley, and Henry Smalman de Bradeleye, et al. Trespass and rape of ward. f[67], d[68] rcp

  • M1355 A: Error. Oyer and terminer (28 Edward III). Trespass: assault. Devon. Hugh de Hareston v. John de Ralegh son of Peter de Ralegh knight et al. f[69], d[] rcp
  • M1355 B: Error. Eyre (21 Edward I). Writ of Right Patent. Northumberland. Peter de Gonewarton v. Nicholas de Gonewarton, for the manor of Gunnerton with some exceptions. f[70], d[71] rcp
  • M1355 C: Error. Justices Itinerant (29 Edward III). Novel disseisin. Somerset. Humfrey Troumwyn v. James de Audele de Rubeo Castro knight and Robert Suthwyk. f[72], d[] rcp
  • M1355 D: Error. Common pleas (28 Edward III). Waste. Staffordshire. Thomas de Whytynton and Joan his wife v. Elizabeth late the wife of Robert de Whitfeld. f[73], d[] rcp


  • H1356 A: Error. Cheshire county court (28 Edward III.) Taking of a chest of charters. Thomas de Arderne v. Thomas son of William de Venables and Isabella de Hampton. f[74], d[75] rcp
  • H1356 B: Error. Common pleas (M 29 Edward III). Formedon in the descender. John son of Robert Ferrers knight v. Giles de Beauchamp knight. f[76], d[77], f[78], d[], f[79], d[] rcp
  • H1356 C: Certiorari. Justices itinerant (28 Edward III). Sussex. Novel disseisin. Richard Attewalle and Clemencia his wife v. Simon de Ferne and Joan late the wife of Joceus de Whatlyngton and Agnes son of William de Whatlyngton. f[80], d[81] rcp

  • M1356 A: Error. Common pleas (M29 Edward III). Nottinghamshire. Ejectment from wardship. Nicholas de Longeford jr & Alice his wife, John Ryvel knight & Joan his wife (daughters and heirs of Roger Deyncourt knight) v. John de Aslacton prson of Brideford at Bridgend. f[82], d[83] rcp


  • E1357 A: Error. Oyer and terminer (26 Edward III). Oxfordshire. Trespass. Prior of St Frideswide of Oxford v. Stephen son of John Somenour. f[84], d[85] rcp

  • T1357 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant (29 Edward III). Essex. Novel disseisin. Simon de Loundresford v. Roger Mounkoy, Simon Blundel, John fitz Waulter knight, Walter fitz Wauter knight, Robert de Teye, and Richard de Bydeford jr. f[86], d[87]

  • M1357 A: Certiorari. Eyre (M9-10 Edward I). Devon. Quo Warranto. Rex v. Roger de Mooles. f[88], d[] rcp


  • E1358 A: Error. Sheriff and coroners of Kent (32 Edward III). Kent. Redisseisin. John prior of Bermondsey v. Lawrence prior of Norwich. f[89], d[90] rcp

  • M1358 A: Error. Justices itinerant (32 Edward III). Somerset. Novel disseisin. John le Yonge jr v. William de Wydecombe, William Vocle, Peter Vocle, John Toukere, and Thomas Gountz & Alice his wife. f[91], d[92] rcp
  • M1358 B: Error. Sheriff and coroners of Hertfordshire (30 Edward III). Hertfordshire. Redisseisin. Richard de Paxton v. John Else, William Else, and Roger March. f[93], d[] rcp

M1358 C: Error. Chancery (28 Edward III). Essex. Debt recognition. William Fabel (debtor) v. Robert de Marny knight. f[94], d[], f[95], d[] rcp


  • H1359 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant (24 Edward III). Trespass before the justices; without writ. John Caute v. Roger Maloysel. f[96], d[97] rcp
  • H1359 B: Error. Justices itinerant (32 Edward III). Worcestershire. Novel disssisin. John son of John son of Thomas Aleyn de Wych v. Edward de Hambury & Agnes his wife and Ralph de Ulnhale chaplain. f[98], d[99] rcp
  • H1359 C: Error. Common pleas (32 Edward III). Warwickshire. Wardship of lands and heir. John Pecche knight v. Milicent late wife of Richard de Stonleye. f[100], d[] rcp

  • E1359 A: Error. Common pleas (27 Edward III). Yorkshire. Entry sur disseisin. John de Allerstan v. Thomas son of Robert de Scardeburgh. f[101], d[102] rcp
  • E1359 B: Error. Common pleas (31 Edward III). London. Debt. William de Molscroft v. Ralph de Lundon. f[103], rcp

  • T1359 A: Error. Common Pleas (32 Edward III). London. Account receiver. John Herberd v. Ralph de Cheseldon & Cristina his wife, William Herle de Cherleton by Hungerford, John Herberd de Ardynton jr, together with John de Bottenham of Salisbury. f[104], d[] rcp