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E1300 A: Certiorari Appeal at jail delivery. Lincolnshire. William Conyn of Kirketon v. Joceus le Orfere of Boston, John de Leicester sr, John de Leicester jr. [1]
E1300 B: Procedatis. Novel Disseisin. Lincolnshire. Katherine who was the wife of Simon le Conestable v. Roger the abbot of Melsa and William the abbot of St Augustine's of Great Grimsby. [2]
E1300 C: Procedatis to Exchequer of Ireland. Debt for 1,350 pounds. Ireland William de Calne & Roesia his wife v. Reginald de Dene. [3]
M1300 A: Certiorari. Entry ad terminum qui preteriit. Yorkshire/Lancashire. Prior of Pontefract v. Simon Nowel. [4]
M1300 B: Procedatis. Novel disseisin. Suffolk. Sibil who was the wife of Roger Loveday v. Ralph de Monte Hermeri earl of Gloucester and Hertford & Joan his wife, Gilbert son of Gilbert de Clare late earl of Gloucester and Hertford, Siward de la More, Gilbert Clubbe, & John de Stanham. [5]
M1300 C: Certiorari. Account receiver. Oxfordshire. Walter de Burnedish v. John le Spyr de Wirlingworth. [6]
M1300 D: Certiorari Gaol delivery Warwickshire Margery la Russe imprisoned for death of John Paynel her husband. [7]


H1301 A: Certiorari. Redisseisin before coroner and undersheriff. Hertfordshire. Isabel who was the wife of Hugh de Broke v. Hugh son of Hugh de Broke & William Blaket. [8]


H1302 A: Certiorari to Common Pleas. Trespass for goods taken. Abbot of Wardon v. Master Richard de Leycestre parson of Eydon, Robert son of Robert Philip, William de Brokedish, and John de Abindon. [9]
H1302 B: Certiorari to Common Pleas. Besaiele. Yorkshire. Walter son of John de Carleton by guardian v. Oliver de Hoton. [10]
H1302 C: Procedatis to justices itinerant. Mort d'ancestor. Buckinghamshire. Henry de Shereford v. Nicholas Kenet de Shyrinton, John Brodeye & Felicia his wife, Robert Caus & Mabil his wife, Roger son of John & Sibil his wife, William de Botelesford & Alice his wife, and Alexander Attewode. [11]
H1302 D: Assize of novel disseisin taken in King's Bench at York sent to Common Pleas; effect of grant in fee simple following grant of fee tail and whether the second grant justifies a disseisin. Yorkshire. John Sampson & Mary his wife v. John de Facumberge, Henry Smal, John de Apeltone, Walter Smal, Joh de Thoresway, Adam Warde, Roger Dytes, William de York, William de Popeltone, John de Cave, Gervase Jonesman de Faucumberge, Stephen de Percy, and John Danyel. [12]
E1302 A: Error to Bench in Ireland. Novel disseisin. Ireland Richard son of Robert son of John v. Master William de la Ryvere and William de Balygorman. [13]
E1302 B: Certiorari to Common Pleas. Right of advowson. Hertfordshire. Prior of Romely v. Abbot of Faversham. [14]
M1302 A: Procedatis. Novel disseisin. Lancashire. Thomas Skillehare v. Richard de Thornton. [15]
M1302 B: Procedatis. Novel disseisin. Nottinghamshire. John de Melsa v. Ranulph de Huntyngfeld & Alice his wife. [16]


H1303 A: Certiorari to justices itinerant. Cornwall. Rex v. William de Stafford. [17]
E1303 A: Certiorari. Bogo de Knovill & Robert Corbet, justices assigned at Montgomery. Quod permittat on lands of Edmund de Mortimer in Kery and Keddenwy Community of town of Montgomery v. Edmund de Mortimer. [18]
T1303 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Rutland. Novel disseisin. Alice who was the wife of John de Montfort v. John de Montfort, Adam de Neuton, Roger Barbastre, William de Clyve chaplain, Paulinus le Chapeleyn, Adam de Legh, Ranulph le Clerk, John Waryn, & William le Provost. [19]
T1303 A: Certiorari. Justices Itinerant. Lancashire. Presentment, concealment, jail delivery. Proceedings on presentment concerning the killing of Isolda who was the wife of Roger son of Hugh de Westby in the wapentake of Amounderness [20]
T1303 B: Procedatis. Justices itinerant. Essex. Novel disseisin. Alan de Waldeshefe v. John son of Roger de Lee, Master James de Monn, John de Mounteny, Robert son of Robert le Conestable, Hugh le Ropere de Aungre, Geoffrey le Fraunceys, William son of Thomas de Herlawe, William son of John le Tayllur, John son of Walter le Parmenter, Simon Gaudyn, John son of Erneld de Munteny, Ralph son of Reginald atte Nash, Richard son of William del Pount, & Henry le Careter de Schelvelehalle. [21]
T1303 C: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Nottinghamshire. Novel disseisin. Alice who was the wife of Walter de Stirchesle v. William de Chaddewurch, Alice who was the wife of Robert de Everingham, Osbert Hund, William de Tylne, William le Revesone, Alan le Revesone, Robert de Leverton chaplain, Nicholas le Prestesman, Alexander le Reve, Robert le Coggere, Hugh le Munchesone, & Gilbert Pony. [22]; then [23]
M1303 A: Procedatis. Justices itinerant. Suffolk. Novel disseisin. Roger Luveday v. Richard Luveday, John de Donewyco, Peter his brother, Phillip Herneys & Alice his wife, John son of Phillip Herneys, Richard de Gosebek, Adam Verdoun, & John Lorkyn. [24]
M1303 B: Error on Bench in Dublin Ireland. Waste. Simon de Feypo v. Theobald de Verdun. [25]


H1304 A: Certiorari. Jail delivery justices. Shropshire. Jail Delivery Roger le Wylde of Ludlow and Dionisia le Gardinere of Ludlow. [26], [27]
T1304 A: Certiorari. King's Bench in York. Nottinghamshire. Entry post disseisin. Henry de Thurstinton & Hawise his wife v. Hamo le Taverner of Nottingham & Mabil his wife. [28]
M1304 A: Procedatis. Justices itinerant. Norfolk. Novel disseisin. William de Reppes v. William Pecche & Roesia his wife, John and Henry his sons, John son of John Fastolf, John de Leem, William le Chapeleyn, Clement de Baketon, William Lesesi, Henry de Oxen, Thomas son of Sarra, John Here, Robert Been & John his son. [29]


E1305 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Formedon. Derbyshire. Agnes daughter of Roger de Asheburne v. Thomas son of John Elys and Adam le Hunte. [30]
T1305 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Novel disseisin. Nottinghamshire. Margaret who was the wife of Walter le Mareshal de Carleton, William de Buggethorp & Alice his wife v. Isolda who was the wife of William de Lammecote, Hugh Bardolf, Henry de Happehawe, Richard le Clerke, Henry Burdican, John Bagge, John Rugh, Thomas le Fenman, William Swette, John Burdican, Richard Whiteheved, Simon de Blathirwyk, & Alexander Fich. [31]
T1305 B: Error. Ireland; the Bench in Dublin. Novel disseisin. Ireland Nigel le Brun v. Master William de Ryvere & Richard son of Robert. [32]; [33]
T1305 C: Error. Ireland; the Bench in Dublin. Novel disseisin. Ireland Richard son of Robert v. Wiliam de la Ryvere. [34]; [35]
T1305 D: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Huntingdonshire. Vitalis de Grafham v. John Engayne & Elena his wife; Robert de Stapelford, Walram le Lou, Martin de Fishacre, Henry de Den, Richard le Veneour, John de Mendham, John Coldeston, Stephen Gilbert de Pyre, & William le Man. [36]
T1305 E: Procedatis. Trespass without writ. Ireland. Geoffrey de Morton late mayor of Dublin v. Richard de Bereford treasurer of the exchequer of Ireland. [37]
M1305 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Hampshire. Oyer and terminer on the wrongdoers who hunted the park of Thomas, bishop of Exeter. [38]
M1305 B: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Mort d'ancestor. Durham. Odelina daughter of Richard de Hurtheworth & Matilda de Swyneburn & Agnes wife of Richard Bouche v. Geoffrey son of John le Maceoun de Hertelpole. [39]
M1305 C: Certiorari. Justices of oyer and terminer. Indictment of John de Keynesham of Bristol, John de Kerdif jr, Robert Randolf, Richard Colpek, John le Loung, John Snou, Hanyh le Fisher, Stephen de Camelegh, Phillip de Paulet, John Russel le Croku, & Henry de Panes and unknown others from Bristol, for assaults at Bedminster. [40]
M1305 D: Recordari. Cheshire county court. Cheshire Robert son of Robert le Grovenur v. William de Cusecroft. [41]
M1305 E: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. William de Karliol' v. Richard Maunsel. Entry ad terminum qui preteriit. [42]
M1305 F: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Mort d'ancestor. John le Wymplere v. Edmund de London, master of the house of St Thomas, Acon, of London. [43]
M1305 G: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Somerset. William son of William Fraunceys v. Nicholas Franceys, Roger Fraunceys, Walter Fraunceys, Petronilla who was the wife of Walter Balmy, Nicholas Pacheclyve, William Fraunceys sr, & John le Charetter. [44]
M1305 H: Certiorari. Oyer and terminer for complaints against ministers of the late Queen Eleanor. Kent. Prior and Convent of Leeds v. John de Ponte then constable of Leeds Castle. [45]
M1305 I: Certiorari on a covenant enrolled in king's bench 42 Henry III. King's Bench. Abbot of Faversham v. Men of Faversham. [46]
M1305 J: Certiorari. Oyer and terminer for divers felonies and trespasses Norfolk Indictment of William Gerbe son of Avelina de la Grave (now dead) and William Peche for killing John de Drayton, and William Gerberge knight for procuring same. See Seipps Abridgement 1305.106rs [47]
M1305 K: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Darrein Presentment. Hampshire. William de Echingham & Eve his wife v. Isabella who was the wife of Raph de Stopham. [48]


H1306 A: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Right of Advowson. Wiltshire. William de Middelhop v. Abbot of St Victor. [49]
E1306 A: Certiorari. Eyre. Covenant. Rutland. Adam de Cretinge v. Peter de Grenham. [50]
T1306 A: Error. Ireland, Common Pleas. Entry non compos mentis. Ireland Reginald de Dene v. Robert de Callani. [51]
T1306 B: Procedatis. Durham. Complaints of the Prior of Durham. [52]
T1306 C: Certiorari. Ireland; justices itinerant. Right of advowson. Ireland Jordan de Caunteton v. Prior of St Nicholas of Exeter. [53]
T1306 D: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Land. Lincolnshire. Petronilla who was the wife of Phillip de Daleby & Ralph son of Thomas de Daleby v. Abbot of Bardney. [54]
M1306 A: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Final concord. Yorkshire. Alan de Bulmere de Wrelton v. John de Bulmere & Theophania his wife. [55]
M1306 B: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Final concord. Surrey. William de Medeburne v. John de Fyenles. [56]
M1306 C: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Novel disseisin. Norfolk. Henry le Cat & Margery his wife v. Ralph de Rothing, John his brother, Hugh Pecche, John son of Gilbert, John de Knotteshale, Hugh le North, John Hermer, Robert son of Simon Wlwyn, Roger Maynyng, Nicholas Thurstan, William Catoun sr, Geoffrey Maynard, Simon Reynaud, William Uppety, William son of Peter de Lexham, Geoffrey Reynaud, Simon Cullyng, William Catun jr, John son of Ralph de Rothing, Geoffrey Cullyng, Adam Haldeyn, Nicholas Petyt, Richard son of William Wylkyn, & Henry de Combes. [57]
M1306 D: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Final concord. Northamptonshire. Robert, abbot of Pipewell v. Simon de Akle. [58]
M1306 E: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Novel Disseisin. Oxfordshire. Isabella wife of William Ulger v. Richard de St Walerico, John his son, Roger de Beaufo. [59]
M1306 F: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Covenant concerning the fruits of the church of East Peckham sold to plaintiffs for one year. Kent Thomas de Wrotham & John Kynore v. Master Peter Eymeric parson of East Peckham. [60]


H1307 A: Certiorari. Oyer and terminer indictment of Walter Wallyng miner. Devon. Walter Wallyng miner [61]
H1307 B: Certiorari. Common Pleas Final concord. Northamptonshire. John Bygot v. Godfrey de Beaumont & Cecilia his wife. [62]; [63]
H1307 C: Supplicavit. Ireland. Geoffrey de Morton, late mayor of Dublin, asked for inquest to clear his name of the accusations that he had misused the common seal of Dublin. [64]
H1307 D: Error. Canterbury city court. Assize for obstruction of a water course in the city court without writ. Canterbury Robert de Chelesfeld v Adam de Bishopesgate & Godelina his wife, John the son of Adam, and William le Teghelere. [65]
H1307 E: Certiorari. Common Pleas Final Concord. Herefordshire. Adam de Kyngeshemede & Lucy his wife v. Roger son of Adam de Lulham & Cristiana his wife. [66]
T1307 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Novel disseisin. Cornwall. Robert de Boyton v. Phillip de Albiniaco, Elyas de Albiniaco, Oliver de Brully, John Store, John de Dorset, Luke de Penhal, Andrew de Treverbyn, Roland de Koykyn & Joan his wife. [67]
T1307 B: Procedatis. Justices itinerant. Novel disseisin. Buckinghamshire. Robert de Lydynton & Alice his wife v. William, prior of Tickford, Peter le Priouresman, Henry de Cosham, Simon son of Hugh le Keu, & James Rogeresman Jonesson. [68]
T1307 C: Certiorari. Treasury. Composition Shropshire between Abbot and convent of St Peter Shrewsbury and the burgesses of Shrewsbury concerning water and horse mills. [69]
T1307 D: Certiorari. Common Pleas. Dower. Ermyna who was the wife of John de Seton v. John Bard de Butterwyk. [70]
T1307 E: Certiorari. Oyer and terminer indictment concerning the reception of goods and chattels from the burglary of Southwell church. [71]
T1307 F: Certiorari. Common Pleas Final concord. John de Slole v. John atte Cherche. [72]


H1308 A: Procedatis. Justices itinerant. Novel disseisin. Cornwall. Walter son of William de Langedon v. Robert Barry & Joan his wife, Nicholas son of Ralph Giffard, Henry Selyman, & Walter le Lange de Horkedesdon. [73]
H1308 A: Certiorari. Inquest in 1228 by Treasurer and chamberlain in Men of Great Yarmouth v. Roger son of Osbert then warden of the manor of Lothingland concerning customs taken. [74]
E1308 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Novel disseisin. Buckinghamshire. William Tuchet v. John Trailly, Walter de Gloucester, William de Olney, William parson of Ludgarshall, John de Preston, Ralph le Seriaunt of Ludgarshall, Ralph de Olneye, Elias Puger, Richard de Grenehull. [75]
T1308 A: Error. Final concord. Northumberland. John de Yeland v. Ralph son of William & Margery his wife. [76]
T1308 B: Certiorari. Common Pleas (22 Edward I). Utrum. Norfolk. Master Richard de Beylund parson of Blessed Mary in Thorpe of Saxlingham by Hemenhale v. Ralph de Swanton parson of Blessed Mary in Nethergate in Saxlingham. [77]
T1308 C: Certiorari. Common Pleas (33 Edward I). Dower. Yorkshire. Ermyna who was the wife of John de Seton v. John Bard de Butterwyk. [78]
T1308 D: Certiorari. Quo warranto concerning the hundreds of Abdick and Bulstone, Somerset (8 Edward I). Somerset [79]
T1308 E: Procedatis. Justices itinerant (31 Edward I). Novel disseisin. Cambridgeshire. William de Befolde v. John, bishop of Worcester, Peter de Leycester, Thomas le Waleys, Bartholomew Osmund, William le Harpur, Simon, parson of Horsethe, & William Niker. Problem had arisen concerning Magna Carta. Eventually to parliament. [80]
M1308 A: Certiorari. London (5 Henry III). Escheat of Master Peter de Pecham. [81]
M1308 B: Continuance after death of Edward I (35 Edward I). Oyer and terminer concerning wrongs done by John de Bassingburne late sheriff of Essex to John de Tany. [82]
M1308 C: Certiorari. Ireland. Pleas of the Crown. Taking of money from the Irish treasury. [83]


H1309 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Quod permittat for common of pasture. Robert parson of St Peter of Riston v. William de Goldingham. [84]
E1309 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant. Novel disseisin. Cumberland. Richard Maunsel v. William de Carlisle, Thomas de Cubrithtebire, William de Fulmeri, & Isaac de Ireby. [85]
E1309 B: Certiorari. Common Pleas (27 Edward I). Dower. Suffolk. Margery who was the wife of Jordan Foliot v. Sibil who was the wife of Roger Loveday. [86]
T1309 A: Certiorari. Eyre (4 Edward I). Customs and services. London. John de Camoys & Margaret his wife v. Robert del Estre & Roesia his wife. [87]
M1309 A: Certiorari. Durham (33 Edward I). [88]
M1309 B: Certiorari. Novel disseisin. Kent (35 Edward I). Robert son of Robert Bishop de Cranebroke & Godelena his wife v. John son of Edmund de Herberdefeld & John de Meylyene. [89]