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H1295 A: False Judgment. Debt without writ; case begins 1291. Aylesbury. Geoffrey Gene v. Master William Gene. [1]
H1295 B: False Judgment. Trespass: case begins 1293. Huxloe hundred. Henry de Aldewyncle parson of Clopton v. Dervergulla lady of Lawford [2]
H1295 C: False judgment. Writ of right; case beginning 1293. Steventon, Berkshire. Alice daughter of Juliana Hod v. William Romeyn of Steventon. [3]
T1295 A: Procedatis. Novel disseisin. Sussex. Abbot of Grestain v. Joan widow of Robert de Caunville. [4]
T1295 B: Certiorari. Trespass chattels taken; by plaint. Yorkshire. Prior of Wartre v. Richard de Bentle & William de Wales. [5]
T1295 C: Procedatis. Novel disseisin. Sussex. Prior of Michelham v. Joan widow of Robert de Caunville. [6]
M1295 A: Certiorari. Darrein presentment. Nottinghamshire. John Deyvil v. Prior de Novo Loco (Newark Priory). [7]


T1296 A: Certiorari. Cui in vita. Warwickshire. Alice widow of William de Hynkeleye v. Roger de Beauner. [8]
T1296 B: Certiorari on Cheshire county court. Quare impedit. Rex v. William de Venables & Katherine his wife & Peter son of Ranulph de Thornton. [9]
M1296 A: Assistance with escambium for Cheshire county court. Entry ad terminum qui preteriit. Nicholas de Aldichlegh v. John son of Simon de Skeftington. [10]
M1296 B: Relation of certiorari process used to correct conspiracy Hampshire concerning the Hospital of St Juliana outside Southampton [11]


H1297 A: Procedatis. Novel disseisin. Bedfordshire. Abbot of Stratford v. Agnes daughter of Robert Crun, Joan and Margery her sisters, Ralph de Beauchamp, Roger son of Henry de la Legh, Robert Cosyn, & Richard le Mounter. [12]
T1297 A: Certiorari. Right of advowson. Hertfordshire. Abbot of Faversham v. Prior of New Romney. [13] See [14]
T1297 B: Certiorari. Novel disseisin. Lancashire. Margery daughter of William de Souke v. Jordan de Kenyan et al. [15]
T1297 C: Certiorari. Novel disseisin. Northamptonshire. William le Whyte & Basilia his wife, Walter de Faringho & Amice his wife v. Peter son of Nicholas de Burlee & Matilda his wife. [16]
M1297 A: Certiorari to Leicestershire county court. Outlawry process Leicestershire [17]
M1297 B: investigation into official misconduct. Ireland. [18]


H1298 A: Certiorari confirmation of charter of Bury St Edmunds. [19]
H1298 B: Certiorari. Mort d'Ancestor. Kent. Fulk Peysorer & Richard his brother v. William de Chelefeld. [20]
H1298 C: Certiorari. Mort d'Ancestor. Oxfordshire. Richard de Lymbotesheye & Erneburga his wife v. Lucy who was the wife of Thomas de Leukenore. [21]
E1298 A: Certiorari composition between men of Canterbury and the abbot of St Augustine's made in 1258. [22]
T1298 A: Certiorari. Besael. Northamptonshire. Nicholas de Scotland v. Master William, parson of Weston by Northampton. [23]
T1298 B: Procedatis. Novel disseisin. Lancashire. William son of Roger de Souky & Agnes his wife v. Thomas son of Robert de Gredeley, William bishop of Bath and Welles, John de Crokesle, John de Toternon, Thomas de Rys, & William de Kyrdeley cleric. [24]
M1298 A: Certiorari. Mesne. Yorkshire. Robert de Pykehale & Elizabeth his wife v. William de Holteby & Beatrice his wife. [25]
M1298 B: Certiorari. Dower. Yorkshire. Emma who was the wife of John de Carleton v. Oliver de Carleton. [26]


H1299 A: Certiorari. Novel disseisin. Surrey. Joan who was the wife of Thomas Maunsel v. Edmund de Verdun, Roger de Topesfeld, William son of William le Parker, Robert Coket, & John atte Wode. [27]
E1299 A: Procedatis to county court of Cheshire. Quare impedit. Cheshire Rex v. William de Venables & Katherine his wife, Peter son of Ranulf le Roter. [28]; then [29]
M1299 A: Certiorari Redisseisin. Northamptonshire. Stephen Rabaz v. John de Seyton & Adam Duredent. [30]