Repeal of Connecticutt's Heretics Act, 1705

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Transcript of an entry from Privy Council Register PC2/81 pp 3-4 for the Privy Council meeting of 11 October 1705

Connecticott, Act about Hereticks Repealed

[1]A Representation from the Lords Commisioners of Trade and Plantations being this day read at the Board, Upon An Act Passed in Her Majesty's Colony of Connecticott Entituled only Hereticks, whereby it is Enacted, That all who shall entertain any Quakers, Ranters, Adamites and other Hereticks are made Lyable to the Penalty of Five pounds, and five Pounds per week for every Towne that shall so Entertain them; That all Quakers shall be Committed to Prison or be sent out of the Colony. [2]That whoever shall hold unnecessary Discourse with Quakers shall Forfeit Twenty Shillings, That whoever shall keep any Quaker Books (The Governor, Magistrates and Elders Excepted) shall forfeit Ten Shillings, and that all such Books be Supprest, That no Master of any Vessell do Land any Quakers without Carrying of them away again under the Penalty of Twenty Pounds, And the said Lord Commissioners humbly Offering that the said Act be Repealed by Her Majesty, it being Contrary to the Liberty of Consience, Indulged to Dissenters by the Laws of of England, as likewise to the Charter Granted to that Colony, Her Majesty with the Advice of Her Privy Councill is pleased to Declare Her Disallowance and Disapprobation of the said Act and Persuant to Her Majesty's Royall Pleasure thereupon, the said Act Passed in Her Majesty's Colony of Connecticutt in New England, Entituled Hereticks, is hereby Repealed and Declared Null and Voyd and of None Effect.