KR Orders Calendars (E124, E126)

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These calendars derive from the old handwritten calendars available at TNA. They are transcribed from those calendars, only occasionally checked with the originals, and linked to the AALT documents by Robert C. Palmer. The handwritten calendars did not modernize placenames, and that convention has been preserved here.

E124-6 for 1603-1613--A

E124-6 for 1603-1613--B

E126no2 Cal

E126no3 Cal

E126no4 Cal

E126no5 Cal

E126no6 Cal

E126no7 Cal

E126no8 Cal

E126no9 Cal

E126no10 Cal

E126no11 Cal

E126no12 Cal

E126no13 Cal

E126no14 Cal

E126no15 Cal

E126no16 Cal

E126no28 Cal

E123 Set 1[1]

E123 Set 2[2]

E123 Set 3[3]