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List of recipients of Henry IV’s general pardon 2b with date of issue of their copy based on C67/32, m. 20

Recipient and Issue Date of Copy Additional Information Recipients not found on C 67/32
Johannes Baxere alias magister Johannes Gippeswyche commissarius magistri Henrici Welles corectoris Henrici Episcopi Norwici alias magister Johannes Yepeswyche alias magister Johannes de Gippewico alias magister Johannes Gerard de Gippewico (18 March 1400)
Johannes Wymbyssh de comitatu Essex alias de Haveryng alias Johannes de Haveryng atte Boure in comitatu Essex (20 March 1400)
Johannes atte Lee filius Ricardi atte Lee alias Johannes atte Lee de Mapuldurham Gurynay in comitatu Oxon’ (20 March 1400)
Johannes Gibbes de Cirencestre arminger alias filius Johannis Gibbes de Oxon alias Johannes Gibbes nuper armiger Thome nuper countis Kanc’ (22 March 1400)
Robertus Cary de comitatu Devon, armiger (22 March 1400)
Murdok Alboun de Swelond (24 March 1400)
Johannes de Kirkeby de Patryngton in Holdernesse, chapman alias Johannes Bosworth filius Willelmi Bosworth de Kirkeby, marchant (24 March 1400)
Willelmus Chippenham de Tuderle alias Willelmus filius Walteri Chippenham de Tufderle (20 March 1400)