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H1304 A: Enforcement of Exeter citizens privilege to be free of tolls in London. William de Lemetoke & Thomas de la Porthe citizens of Exeter v. Hugh Pourte & Simon de Paris late sheriffs of London. [1]

T1304 A: False imprisonment action; defendant's justify as arrest after assault on a bailiff of Exeter. Richard Fichet v. Roger Beynyng, Wlliam de Carswell, William Busset, Henry Tricot, Walter de Langedon, Phillip Donebaud, & Alred le Lokyer of Exeter. [2]

M1304 A: Release by undersheriff of prisoner committed by warden of the chace to the prison of Exeter. Matthew de Hethcote (sheriff) v. Robert de Stokheye (undersheriff). [3]

M1304 B: Action of false judgment on the court of Exeter. Trespass. William de Waltham of London v. John le Teynturer of Exeter. [4]

E1305 A: False imprisonment action; imprisonment justified as arrest for assaulting sheriff while he was holding the county court. [5]

H1307 A: False imprisonment action. Thomas le Keu of Kingsbridge v. Robert de Stokheye. Thomas de Raleigh came and justified as sheriff: Stokeheye as his undersheriff was holding the county court of Devon when Keu came and threatened him such that he could not hold the court. Stokeheye arrested Keu; Key escaped and was recaptured and held until released by royal writ. [6]

T1309 A: Appointment to the chancery of the church of Exeter. [7]

H1310 A: False imprisonment. Apprehension of a gang of thieves lurking around Exeter and imprisonment of an associated woman for 13 months. Alma Lovel v. Robert Neweton, Henry Trickote, Walter atte Porte, William de Carswelle, William Buffet, Master Walter le Glaswrighte, Thomas le Pestur, John his brother, Adam le Spicer, Peter Beynyn, Thomas Fayichild, William de Catepath, Michael de Oxton, Emeric Coffyn, Henry Andreu, PHilip Denebers, William le Keu de Brydeford, Vivian Wille, Ralph de Nyweton. [8]

M1310 A: Alleged mistreatment while in prison for murder. Richard de Morley (imprisoned on indictment for murder of Henry Clarion) v. William de Mareys and Thomas de Gettebourne, bailiffs of Exeter (defence: escaped from prison but was recaptured) [9] SJ

E1313 A: Trespass destruction of a wall. Geoffrey de Lucy de Bremele v. William Mareys, Thomas Sor, Bartholomew dean of the church of Blessed Peter, Exeter, Master John Wele, John de Upanene, William de Luna, Robert de Camelworthy, John de Anesty, John de Hatherley cleric, Gilbert de Torriton, Henry Potel, Richard Caperon, William le Keu, Michael de Exton, John Bosse, Thomas Fayrchild, John Davy sutor, Ralph de Neweton mercer, Ralph de Neweton cordwainer. The dean, Wele, and Upanene justified as canons of the church. Lucy had erected a wall to the nuisance of the church's free tenement. The court before the mayor and bailiffs of Exeter found that it was a nuisance and ordered the wall removed. Mareys and Sor as bailiffs, along with others, removed the wall. Lucy objected that the wall had been erected as the result of a composition and he had been in seisin of the wall for seven years. No verdict. [10]

H1314 A: Custom concerning writs of right patent in the court of Exeter. [11], [12]

E1314 A: False imprisonment. Richard son of Nicholas le Skynnere v. Roger Bennyn of Exeter, William Mareys, William son of Richard Munteyn, Robert Gosse, & Gilda Munteyn. Justified that Richard son of Nicholas beat Emma Morlier, Emma raised the hue, William Mareys as bailiff of Exeter arrested Richard until he permitted himself to be justiced. [13]










H1530 A: Devon. Mayor, bailiffs, and Community of Exeter v. John More of Exeter merchant. Trespass: uprooting the community's tree that stood in the parish of St Satmole outside the east gate on August 12, 1528. Plea of not guilty. [14] rcp

M1530 A: Devon. John Pollarde son and heir of Walter Pollarde lately of Plymouth v. Patrick Whytt of Exeter. Enforcement of an indenture from 13 Henry VIII for four shops with a deep cellar in the northern part of the city between the tenements of John Colyn and those of Henry Hill for a term of 87 years. [15] rcp