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M1305 A: Trespass for ship and gear taken at Dartmouth. Roger de Wynklelegh, Matilda who was the wife of Peter le Taillour, Richard Fossyng, Henry le Pestur, & John Facun. [1]

H1308 A: Violations of prohibition of certain exports (war horses, money, gold, silver) without license. [2]. Inquest: [3]; [4]

T1317 A: Filling a watercourse in Dartmouth. Thomas de Luda v. Thomas, abbot of Lesnes, Brother Adam de Halifeld, & Brother Roger de Derteford. [5]

H1320:Rex v. Gilbert Coteman, John Faukes, Gilbert del Pol, and Richard Hobill. Devon. Robert Pendyn late sheriff had provided, by order of the king, two ships to stay at Dartmouth and Teignmouth to stay on the Irish Sea to protect that area. The royal clerk Thomas de Neubigging paid those sailors their wages, and then they without license left the area and took with them the supplies, for a total of 2,000 p.s. [6]


  • M1342 A: Devon. Guy de Bryan (qui tam) v. William Hennynge, William Bacon, Richard de Whyteby, William Rurde, Robert de Horton, John Smithe, John Soor, Henry de Whytelegh, Thomas Kyngesmeye, Geoffrey Gilbert, Juliana Gylot, Richard Sweyt, Gilbert de Poule, John Gordon, Richard de Fourde, Gilber Sweyt, John Gore, John Keyne soutere, John Fakes, Joan de Fowye, John Cotte, Joan Pyne sr, William de Neubury, Adam de Kyngesmeye, John atte Cros, Margery Launston, William Marchant, Adam Hockelegh, Isabella Makeglad, John Matheu, Margery Holdman, Joan Mathou, William atte Fosse, Adam Norreys, John Haulegh, William Baker, John Beg, Stephen Marchant, German Sandre, John Hagge, William Cosyn, Orengia late the wife of William Sweyngeloke, Beatrice daughter of William Sweyngeloke, William Webbe, Richard Swet, Thomas Swet, Joan Dyssellyng, Alice de Clevecombe, John vicar of Tonstale, John Swet, William Crouke, Cristina Crouk, Margery atte Mulle, William Polymunde, Bartholomew Salkock, John Tosere, Alice Makeglad, Anastacia Makeglad, Gilbert de Swyneworth, Alice Bussop, William Yalmere, John Bele, Joan Fakes, William Ryde, Dionisia Cole, Roger Dawe, Thomas Barberel, Joan Salecoke, Joan Bocler, William Cros, John Salaman, Lawrence Michel, John Briggeman, Isabella Coteman, John Pel, John Fynamour, Alice de Hemmeston, John Braye, Helewise Soore, Roger Barberel, John Sandre, Thomas Traylles, Richard Burleston, Peter atte Forde, Richard Gourdon, Walter Gourdon, John de Radeswelle, Susanna late the wife of Thomas le Bakere Hugh de Poule, Udo Jay, John Haulegh, Thomas Keyne, Elias de Wodegrene, Joan Artour, Joan de Cadelonde, Gilbert Gurden, Adam Michel, William Tabard, Nicholas le Goldsmyth, Adam de Henneston, Thomas Derby, Roger atte Pynne, John Glovere, Henry de Modbury, Stephen le Smyth, Walter atte Wylle, Richard Wyteby skynnere, Henry atte Croust, John Werynger, John Peytevyn, Henry Grete, Joan Goude, William Rauf, Robert Keyne, Robert Symond, John Symond, Martin de Eston, Geoffrey Sweyt, Nicholas de Eston, John de Coleton, John Backe, John le Taillour, Roger Yern, Adam le Soutere, Andrew de Bernestaple, Stephen Baillie, Robert de Clakelonde, and John Piers, burgesses of Clifton, Dartmouth, and Holderness. Contempt and trespass. [7], [8] rcp