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H1295 A: lease of shop in Coventry. [1]


H1302 A: hue and cry in Coventry; role of bailiffs in peacekeeping; provisioning. [2]; [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8]

H1310 A: Rescue of a prisoner on his way to Warwick jail. Rex & Robert de Wynlenhale v. Geoffrey Erneys, Simon Pageman, William de Haldenby, Richard de Ruyton, John de Ryngesnorton, William Modersone, Stephen Modersone & Agnes his wife, Richard de Dalby, Richard Modersone, Robert de Lokynton, Richard le Fleshhewere. [9]

T1312 A: Order to the Prior of Coventry to provide a suitable living for Hugh de Tytemersh mason of the king. [10]


M1344 A: Rex v. Jordan de Shepeye merchant, Guy de Merynton, Roger Hunte, Nicholas Michel, John Warde, William Thymelere, John Percy, Nicholas Percy, William de Welneburgh, Adam Botener sr, Adam Botener jr, Thomas de Toltham, Adam Makehayt, Thomas Warde, William de Everdon, William de Gloucestre, Walter de Stoke, John Prust, Robert Palmere, Henry de Sutton, Richard de Shipton, Henry de Dodenhale, Richard de Dodenhale, William Prust, Peter de Stoke, Richard de Stoke, Thomas Joylyn, William Graumpe, John Scarnyng, Richard de Cumbe, John Redeclerk sr, John Redeclerke jr, Roger le Bray, William de Walshale, John de Shepeye, Robert de Shepeye, Nicholas Pake, Walter Whitweb, Henry de Melton, John Box, John Porter, Richard Uttyng, William Luffe, Richard de Keresleye merchant, Nicholas Hunte, Thomas le Chaloner, Ralph Hunte, William atte Grene, William de Paylynton, Richard de Fakham, Richard atte Grene, Robert de Boseworth, Henry de Hynton, Adam Basset, Richard de Wynchestre, John Chaloner, Thomas de Colleshull, William de Teynton, John de Badyngton, Laurence de Northfolk, Ralph Palmere, William Deryng, John Wallere, Robert Thynelere, William Latoner, Henry Pane, Thomas de Shepeye, Robert Russel chaplain, Aam Pynnere, William de Overton clerk, Roger Fykeys, Thomas Fikeys, Hugh de Pulteneye clerk, Henry Sherman, Geoffrey Frebern, Robert de Sutton, Richard Govere, John Vyncent, John de Newenham chaplain, Thomas Scarnynge, Henry atte Gros chaplain, John Claver, Simon de Depynge, Phillip de Lyndeseye, Walter Boner, William Horn, Hugh Stake, Richard de Filongleye, John Devenshire, John de Allesleye, John Frebern, John Deryng, John Arthyngworth, Henry de Busseby, Richard de Stoke glovere, John Thursteyn, John de Defford, Robert de Langham, Simon de Rideware, John de Rideware, John de Tewe, John Colle, Thomas Wolfe, Richard de Oxfor skinner, Henry de Oxford souter, Adam Latoner, Henry Spicer, Thomas de Corleye, John de Tenhale, Richard de Wodeburne, Simon Waryn, Robert de Haregrave, Thomas de Ouleye, Adam de Shepeye, John de Benyngton, Simon de Keterynge, William de Kirkeby, John Mountsorel, William Mountsorel, and John de Hynton: men of Coventry. They did not return the king's charter to the men of Coventry that was revoked. [11], [12] rcp

E1348 A: Warwickshire. Thomas son of Thomas de Toltham of Coventry v. Henry Hengestenbert, Herman Werke, and Haukin Hildebrandsouthermanesservant. Trespass for breaking close at Coventry and taking a horse worth 40s and other goods worth 200p.s. (grains, silver cups etc., cloths, and household utensils). Plea of not guilty. Defendants claimed a jury, half of whom would be German merchants, under a charter of 35 Edward I, which grant was used under Edward II in Chancery in a case between Adam le Clerk de Lenne and John Scotrop, Bernard Flourkyn, Tydeman de Monasterio and many others, merchants of Germany. That liberty was granted also in 12 Edward III and on the roll of Hilary term 22 Edward III, m. 69. That kind of jury was granted, but followed by successive orders to summon such a jury, seemingly without much success. [13]


T1352 A: Action by Juliana, widow of William de Cirencester, against Robert and Isabel le Spencer of Coventry on a writ of entry in which the mayor and bailiff of Coventry (both unnamed) claimed the liberty of the city. [14]

1375: T1380 A: Henry Dilcok; Roger Moreton; Hugh Kay; and John Filongley merchants of Coventry v. Robert Stakpole lately mayor of Dublin, Ireland; Walter Passeant and William Bank lately bailiffs of Dublin: concerning the freedom of Coventry merchants from toll, pavage, pontage and murage. [15]