Coventry Court Records

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T1352: Henry Dilkok of Coventry & Margery his wife v. Agnes Ballard, Thomas de Nassyngton & Gilbert de Pounteneye. Novel disseisin; case begins 1351. [1] ; [2]

M1354: Richard de York, deyster v. John Percy, chaplain. Debt on a contract; case begins 1351. [3] ; [4]

1364 (in M1406): Walter Huyssher & Joan his wife; John Andreu of Coventry & Juliana his wife v. Robert de Bruggeford & Alice his wife, and Thomas son of the same Alice. Formedon in the remainder; case begins 1364; resurfaces 1406. [5] ; [6]

E1366: John son of Jordan de Shepeye of Coventry & Lawrence brother of the same John v. Richard Buccere of Coventry, merchant. Debt on an obligation; case begins 1363. [7] ; [8]

E1367: Walter Huysher & Joan his wife, and John Andreu of Coventry & Juliana his wife v. Robert de Bruggeford & Alice his wife, and Thomas the brother of the same Alice. Right as formedon in the remainer; case begins 1364. [9]

M1367: Nicholas de Wartre v. William Walsheman of Coventry. Debt; case begins 1364. [10] ; [11]

E1374: Thomas Barbour of Coventry, skinnger & Agnes his wife v. William Palmere of Coventry, draper & Isabel his wife; Hugh de Barwe, butcher & Alice his wife; and John son of the same Hugh; and Thomas brother of the same John; and Katherine and Felicia sisters of the same Thomas brother of John. Novel disseisin before the mayor and the bailiffs. Case began in 1373. [12]

T1377: Walter le Whitewebbe of Coventry v. Ralph le Hunte of Coventry, John Shepeye of Coventry, cleric, Robert de Wentebrigg, vicar of St. Michael's Coventry, and William Russell of Coventry. Novel dissieisin; case began 1376. [13] ; [14]

H1404: William Broun of Coventry, cottoner v. Roger Billeston of Coventry, cottoner. Novel disseisin; case begins 1402. [15] ; [16]

H1407: Geoffrey Gippeswych & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Bower of Toneworth, John de Whappenbury, chaplain, William Taillour, chaplain, John Neuton, chaplain, William Wymundeswold of Coventry & Katherine his wife, & John Stratford & Nichola his wife. Novel disseisin; case begins 1405. [17] ; [18]

M1407: John Brandesley of Coventry v. Cecilia Knight of Coventry. Debt; case begins 1404. [19] ; [20]

H1432: John Drye, warden of the house of friars minor of Coventry v. Giles Allesley & John Burton, executors of John Gote of Coventry. Debt; case begins 1431. [21] ; [22]

M1439: William Cortenhale, John Leder, Giles Allesley, & John Welford v. William Broune & Alice his wife. Novel disseisin; case begins 1438. [23]

M1442: William Burgeys v. William Betley & Joan his wife. Formedon in the descender; case begins 1441. [24] ; [25]; then [26] ; [27]

T1449: Thomas Folkes v. Thomas Stafford. Trespass taking of goods; case beginning 1448. [28] ; [29]

M1451: Thomas Shawe v. John Garton. Trespass; case begins 1450. [30] ; [31]

M1460: Robert Gayton, grocer of London, Richard Austen, John Norton, cleric, William Brasyer, chaplain; Richrd Dyvet, Richard Alde, Thomas Bredon, chapman, John Preston, & Robert Crosse v. William Broun & Alice his wife. Novel disseisin; case begins 1459. [32] ; [33]

M1464: John Asheby v. William Bird. Trespass assault; case begins 1463. [34] ; [35]

T1466: Richard Alde & John Savage, sheriff of Coventry v. John Thorp of Coventry, weaver. Debt; case begins 1463. [36] ; [37]

T1466: Thomas Nevell, chaplain & John Worthington, executors of John Mersshe of Coventry v. Robert Barton & Agnes his wife late wife of John Mersshe, co-executrix of Thomas and John Worthington of the testament of William Machyn. Trespass to John Mersshe; case begins 1465. [38] ; [39]

E1368: Thomas Curwen of Coventry & Agnes his wife v. William son of William de Bishops Ichington, Walter Whitewebbe of Coventry; Thomas Bretford of Coventry, and John Smith. Novel disseisin. [40]

H1530 A: Error. Coventry (20 Henry VIII). Replevin without writ. John Bromeley v. William Styrop. [41] rcp

E1539: William Marler executor of Richard Marler v. Thomas Wylmer. Deceit on the case; case begins 1537. [42] ; [43]. Coventry CD E1539 A Tr

M1550: William Savage v. John Morres. Conversion sur trover; case begins 1550. [44]; [45]

T1607: Christofer Randle v. William Shewell. Trespass; case begins 1604. [46] ; [47]. Coventry CD T1607 A Tr