CP 154, 38

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The Cecil Papers at Hatfield House

CP Volume 154 Folio 38
HMC Volume 1 Page 284 Number 942
Haynes Page 406 Number 409

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

8 Nov 1563 To the Lord Threasurer, Therle of Warwicke, Sir Frances Knolles, Sir Hugh Pawlet, and Mr. Edard Randoph, to consyder of Request of pretended Debts for Service at Newhaven, and to se the same satesyed

By the QUEEN.
RIGHT trusty and right welbelovid Cosins, and trusty and welbelovid, we grete yow well; and let yow wit, that wheras sundry Requests have ben lately made unto us, and to owr Counsell heere, by dyvers Capteins, and other Persons that latey servid us at Newhaven; and by certein Sherifs and Collectors, for Money which they pretende to be due unto theim for sundry Kindes of Maters, some of them for Service at Newhavem, some for Money disbursid by Order and Direction of us or our Counsell, for Prests, Conducts and Coates for sundry Soldyowrs, Pyoners, Laborers, and such other, prestid and sent, Part to Newhaven, Parte to Portesmouthe, and Parte towards the Sea-Coasts. Because we means to satisfy the said Capteins, and all others of asmuch as shall appeere to be justly due unto them; upon Consideration also had, what is by them due to be answer'd for us for Prests of Money, Vitell, Armure, Municion and other Things delyverid to them in Charge, wherof they ought to make answer; and in lyke maner of asmuche as shall justly appere by good Proofs, that hath ben defrayed by order from us, or from our Counsell, for any of the Pourposes above mentioned: We have thought very mete for the satisfyeng of theim according to Reason, to authorize yow by these Presents, and by the same to will and requyre you, or thee of you, (wherof yow our High Thresourer to be one,) to heere all such Demaunds and Requests, as shalbe made by any of those Capteins or others Persons above mentioned for any such Pourposes: And so to examyn their Cawsees, with the Circumstance therunto for our behoof requisite, as it may appere plainely what is in deede, above all Things deducid or to be deductid for owr Use, due by us to any of them. And where any of theim shalbe so founde indebted to us, for any such Things, yow shall charge all such therwith, making speciall Notes upon theim for the answering of the same unto us. And upon due Examination and Tryall of these Maters, yf yow shall fynde that we ar in deede and justly indebtied to any of them, for any Cause abovementioned; in that Case we will that yow address such Persons to Hugh Counsell, Deputy to our late Treasurer at Newhaven, with yowr Lettres signid by yow or thre of yow (wherof yow owr Treasurer to be one,) for payment to be made therof by him unto theim: Which yowr Lettres shall serve for sufficient Warrant to him to pay the same according to yowr Direction, out of such Threasur as we have appointed unto him for that Purpose; deliveryng unto him a Duplicat of this owr Lettre subscribed with yowr Hands. And where yow shall fynde by Certifficate from him that owr said Threasur thus appointed unto him, will not suffise to discharge all the same Arrerags: Then upon Signification therof from you to us with Subscription of yowr Hands, we means to gyve Ordre furthwith, by our Lettres of Pryvy Seale, to owr Exchequer for Payment to be made for those Partyes, of as much as shall so want, or for Allowance therof, upon any their Accompts to be made there in owr Exchequer.
Geven, &c. at Windsor 8 Nov. 5 Regni Nostri.