CP 153, 58

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CP Volume 153 Folio 58

HMC Volume 1 Page 287 Number 955

Haynes Page 368 Number 369

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

1560 Certayn Cautions for the Queen's Apparell and Dyett

From a Minute of Secretary Cecill.

WE think it very eonvenient that yower Majestie's Apparell, and specially all maner of Thyngs that shall touche any Part of your Majestie's Body bare, be circumspectly looked unto; and that no Person be permitted to come nere it, but such as have the Trust and Charge therof. Item, That no manner of perfume, ether in Apparell or Sleves, Gloves or such lyke, or otherwise that shall be appoynted for your Majestie's Savor, be presented by any Stranger, or other Persone, but that the same be corrected by some other sume. Item, That no forrayn Meate or Dishes being dressed out of your Majesties Court be brought to your Foode, without assured Knowledge from whom the same cometh; and that no use be had hereof. Item, That it may please your Majesty to take the Advise of your Phisician for the receaving Wekely twise, some Preservatiff contra pestem & venena, as therbe many good Thyngs & Salutaria. Item, It may please your Majesty to gyve order who shall take the Chardge of the back Doores to your Chamberors Chambers, where Laundrestees, Taylors, Wardrobers, and such, use to come; and that the same Doores may be duely attended uppon, as becommeth, and not to stand open but uppon Necessite. Item, That the privie Chamber may be better ordred with an attendance of an Usher and the Gentillmen and Groomes.