CP 153, 57

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CP Volume 153 Folio 57

HMC Volume 1 Page 254 Number 804

Haynes Page 364 Number 363

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

1560 From the Queen's Majesty to the Estates of Scotland

From a Minute of Secretary Cecill.

RRIGHT trusty and right entyerly welbeloved Coosyns and reverend Fathers in God; right trusty and right welbeloved Coosyns, and right trusty and wellbeloved we grete yow well. We receved your Lettres directed from yow in the Name of the three Estats of that Realme, by the Hands of our right trusty and right welbeloved Coosyns the Erles of Morton and Glencarn, and our trusty and welbeloved the yong Lard of Ledynton, sent to us as Embassadors from the sayd three Estats: By which Lettres and by such Creditt, as in dyvers Conferencees the sayd Embassadors have communicated to us on your behalf, we perceave very well, that our good Will of late Tyme declared, towards the Preservation of the Liberty of that Contrey from injust Oppression, hath wrought in the whole Body of that Realme an ernest Inclynation and Affection to contynew that good Amyty and Intelligence, which is alredy begone betwixt us and yow; for furder increase and contyneuance wherof, the sayd Embassadors haue motioned us in a Matter of Mariage. For Answer to which Embassadors we haue amply and playnely signifyed to the sayd Embassadors our Mynd, (as we dout not but they will largely declare unto yow) that we be very hartely gladd to-our good Meaning towards that Realme, and thynk all our Care and Expencees sufficiently rewarded with the Recognition of your thankfullness: And being not disposed presently to Mariadg, we haue nevertheless offered, and shalbe content to contynew with that Realme, and with the three Estats therof, in an unfayned and constant Amyty; and shall refuse no other reasonable meane that can be by yow devised, or offred, to preserve this Intelligence so well begon; to the Contynuation wherof we dout not but Almighty God will gyve the Assistance of his Grace, as long as the Gospell of his Some Jesus Christ shall be taught, preched, and expressed in Lyfe and Manners thrugh both these Realmes, And so we conclude with yow, prayeng and exortyng yow to have good Regard, that yow, nor any of yow be ledd or trayned by any false Perswasions to swarve from the Profession of the Truthe, nor to neglect this free Amytye; which as we did not withdraw it in your Necessite, so meane we not to deminish it in any Tymes to come: And for the furder Assurance of our good Will, we remitt the Declaration therof to the Ambassadors; whom we see grete Cause to commend for there faythfull and dilligent Proseqution of there Message, and the rest of there wise and honorable behavor in this our Realme.