CP 153, 45

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CP Volume 153 Folio 45-46

HMC Volume 1 Page 251 Number 790

Haynes Page 361 Number 358

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

24 Aug 1560. Lord Tresaurer to Secretary Cecill

From the Original.

AFTER my right harty Commendation. Mr. Gonston being with the French Imbasador for the thousande Pounds, lent at Barwicke, and for the thousande seven hundred twenty seven Pounds, ten Shillings lent here at London, hadd aunswer of Thembassador, that the Mony whas redy, and that Calvacanti shuld pay it: Demaunding such Obligations as the Busshop of Amyens and Monsieur le Broch stand bound in for the said Mony; and for such Victells as whas delivered to them in the North; whereof is no Knolege here, except it may com from you; and that known, and the Writings hadd, the Mony wilbe paid; which shallbe well taken at this Tyme of Service, while it is redy, that by delay of Tyme may fortune be further of. And if another thousand Men may be discharged at Barwicke, it will do very well; and if Portsmough werr all discharged, then ther so moch more Mony saved: Nevertheles if it cannot be considered for oder synister Councell, let it passe over till a better Tyme; assuring you that ther shall never appere a staied Councell till you have a smaller Nombre, and a perfitt Trust of the Prince in them. And in the mean Tyme all good Councellors shall have Labor and Dolor without Reward; wheryn your Part is most of all Mens; for your Charge and Paynes be farre above all oder Mens, and your Thanks, and Rewards lest, and worse considered: And specielly, for that you spend holy of your self without your ordinary Fee, Land, Patent, Gift, or ony thing; which must nedes discomfort you. And yet when your Counsell is most for her Majestie's Honor and Profitt, the same hath got hinderauns by her weke Credit of you, and by back Councells; and so long as that manner shall contynew, it must needes be daungerous Servis and unthankfull. Nevertheles myn Opinion to you is, to bere as you have done, till her Grac's return, and then I shall play the Part of a good Servaunt to her without fere: And as good, with God's Helpe, shall foolow, wheryn I will have your Advice: And the meane Tyme passe all Things as you may, and take oder doings in moderat Part, till better helpe may com; which wold shortly be, if som of your Company were licensed to tary at whom, which wilbe hard to do. Here I leve these Things to our next meeting. Thus farre you hartely well. Written this Saturday the 24th Day of August. Your assured loving Frend,


To my loving Frende, Sir William Cecill Knight, Princypall Secretary to the Quene's Majestie.