CP 153, 42

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CP Volume 153 Folio 42

HMC Volume 1 Page 250 Number 785.

Haynes Page 359 Number 356

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

19 July 1560 Mr William Maitland of Lethington to the Lady Cecill

From the Original.


ALTHOUGH I have kept longar Silence then eyther I am assured yow loked for, or yet wes my Dewty, in respect of my Promiss and yowr deserving, I wold not yow shold conceave any evill Opinion of me, or esteme me so unthankfull, that the Memory off yowr gentleness did not longer continew with me then yowr Presence. For having found so moche favour at yowr Handes, if I shuld ever forget it, I myght most worthely be estemed unworthy to be reputed ane honest Man. And albeit my Power is not sufficient to recompense the least Part of the Benesytes receaved, yet wold I be sory to incur the Note off ingratitude. The cause of my Silence wes, that all my Letters past my Lord off Norfolk's Hands, and wer by him opened; and I know it was not yowr Mynd, that any Letters direct to yow, shold come in any Manis Hand. Now by Mr. Secretaryis Wisdome ar we come to a good End of our Troubles, if promiss be kept. Mary, now shall we begynne to have more nede off yowr help, in the Mater quharonto, you know, I most ernestly prease. I beleve Tyme is not able so to overcome yow, that you will wexe cold in it. It is not fit that I shall trouble yow with many off owr Maters presently, seying others will impart to yow the whole, who ar prevey to them. My Lord James hes commanded me not to forget his most harty Commendations to yow; thinking hymself never able to recompense the good Mynd yow have borne to the furtherance of this common Cause. That he may have occasion herafter to be the more acquented with yow, I delivered a Token from him to yow, to Mr. Wyndebanks; which I pray accept in good Part, as proceeding from a good Will. For my Lord of Arane, I remit me to his own Letters, who will not forget how far he is bound to yow. I will be bold to recommend unto yow this Berar the Lord off Cragmellor, who is my dear Frend: He hes to his Bedfallow my Wifis Sister: He goeth presently in France for recovery off some Debtes, which the Quen Regent wes owing onto hym. In his Passage or Returne, which will be shortly, I pray yow further hym at Mr Secretaryis Hands to fynd Favor in his Pasport. I pray yow have ever Opinion off me, that I shall esteme myself happy, if I may have Occasion to do Plesor or Service to Mr. Secretary or yow; to whom I owe more then I shall ever be able to pay. Mr. Maleville hes hym hartly recommended unto yow. And so I wish yow your Hars desyre.

From Barwik the 19th Day of July 1560. Yours at Comandement to my lyves end,

W. Maitland.

To my very good Lady, my Lady Cecill.