CP 153, 40

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CP Volume 153 Folio 40

HMC Volume 1 Page 248 Number 780

Haynes Page 357 Number 354

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

14 July 1560 Mr. Secretary Cecill to Sir William Petre

From the Original.


PAX vobis, for we have it here. It is no reason that my Lord of Norfolk shuld tarry in Barwyk, having no lodging there mete, ether for hym, or, I assure yow, mete for my poore Countenance: It is miserable to behold what Payne he hath susteyned. Now consideryng Sir James Croft is at the Court, and the Queen's Majesty's Pleasure not knowen, who shall take the Chardg there, I have thought it necessary, that hir Majesty's Pleasure wer knowen, who shall remayne ther, untill it be fully determyned who shalbe Captayne of that Towne: the soner this be certefyed, the better for divers Respects. And because yow will percase have mye Opinion herin, I thynk, for the present, convenient to place one that is acqueynted with the Frontyer, and will be also well pleased to depart thence within one or two Months, uppon a new appoynted by the Quen's Majesty: Such one, for my Part, I thynk Sir Francis Leeke to be: And yet nevertheless I referr it to be better iudged uppon by yow there. I beseche yow with spede move the Queen's Majesty herin, and to procure hir Majesty's Lettre to my Lord of Norfolk to place one, and to the Party to accept it. To morrow Lethe shalbe demantelled, on Tewsdaye the Men embark, on Wednesday we hope to depart hence.

From Edenburgh the 14th of July 1560. Yours assuredly,

W. Cecill.

To the Right Honorable Sir William Petre Knight, Chauncellor of the Order, and of the Privee-Counsell.