CP 153, 27

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CP Volume 153 Folio 27

HMC Volume 1 Page 246 Number 769

Haynes Page 349 Number 350

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

5 July 1560 Mr. Secretary Cecill and Mr. Wootton to Sir William Petre

From the Original.


YT wear pitle to defraude you being in Expectation, consydering our varietie of Proceeding. This Day our Matters standeth in these Termes. The Articles of our whole Treaty be on bothe Partes written in Parchement, ready to be signed and sealed, and so shuld have bene this Night, but that the Treaty betwext the French and the Scotts could not be concluded afore six of the Clock this Evening, and therfore cannot be written before to Morrowe, at which Tyme, we truste, both that and ours shall be signed, sealed and delyvered; wherof God send us all good and comforte. As for our Parte, althoughe we speake on our owne behalfes, we think the same shall prove very honorable for the Queene's Majestie, prositable for her Realme, and commodious for the Libertie of Scotland; which the Scotts doo so well perceave, as they doo acknowledge themselves perpetually bounde to the Queenes Majestie for this inestimable Benesite. The Articles for the Demolition of Leethe, and removing of the Souldiours awaye be this present Houre signed and sealed and delyvered on bothe our Parts, being in a Treaty aparte by it selfe; the Copie wherof you shall receave heerwith addressed to you from my Lord of Norfolke, to whome with this Lettre I did send yt for his Satifaction. Yt shall be best to kepe yt to your selfe and to the Queene, untill ye may receave our full Dispatche, which shall be as we trust to Morrow, at the least yf the French will not starte from this Dayes Accorde. And so we wish you better lodging than we have our selves. From Edenboroughe the 5th of July 1560. at eight of the Clock at Night. Yours assuredly, fully tyred,

W. Cecill, N. Wotton.

To the right Honorable Sir William Petre Knight, Chancellor of Thorder and of the Quene's Majestie's Privye Counsayle.