CP 153, 23

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CP Volume 153 Folio 23

HMC Volume 1 Page Number 761

Haynes Page 341 Number 343

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

2 July 1560 Mr. Secretary Cecill, and Mr. Wootton to the Quene's Majestie

From the Original.

YT may please your Majestie. After this other Lettre sealed, we remayned so perplexed with the lack of Peace, upon one onely Article, that I the Secretary being in this Parte busyer than percase som other wolde, and yet having myne the Deane of Canterburies Astente, pretended to send a brawling Message, for my particular Respecte, to the Bisshop, and so entred therby into a new Devise, to obtayne our Purpose with putting therto a few fair Woords, as in this Paper here included shall apeere, which in the Ende is thus obteynid, as is added by them in the Margent. And being now brought to this Extremitie, eyther Peace this way or none, we have, with the Contentacion of the Lords of Scotlande, accepted the same, and so now we see no Matter left of any Controversye, except theyr busye Heads will ymagin any new. And so we now will take ordre to wryte our Treaty with all speede, and that don fall to Execution of removing the Men of Warre: And so we beseche Almighty God to continew this Processe, and move your Highnesse harte to allowe our good Meanings. Now God send your Majestie's Enemyes Grace to kepe that, we have provided them to accord. From Edenburgh, the 2d of July 1560. Your Majesty's humble Subjects and obedient Servants,

W. Cecill, N. Wotton.

To the Queene's most excellent Majestie.

CUM Deo Opt. Maximo, in cuius manu corda Regum sunt, visum sit, animos dict. Christianiss. Regis & Reginæ Mariæ ita inclinare, ut suam erga nobilitatem & populum suum Regni sui Scotiæ clementiam & benignitatem abunde ostenderint, vicissimque dicta nobilitas & populus suam erga dict. Christianiss. regem & reginam suos Principes obedientiam obsequiumque sponte sua ac libenter professi sint, & agnoverint & polliciti sint dehinc sese præstituros, pro qua nutrienda, conservanda & perpetuanda, præfati Christianiss. Rex & regina, per dictos suos Oratores, quibusdam precibus dictæ Nobilitatis & populi suppliciter præfatis Regi & Reginæ exhibitis, ad honorem dictorum regis & reginæ, ad bonum publicum dicti regni, & ad conservationem obedientiæ earum spectantibus, assensum præbuerunt: Quia dictus Christianiss. Rex & Regina volunt hanc suam erga suos benignitatem, præsatæ Serenissimæ Reginæ Elizabethæ sorori Charissimæ & confœderatæ suæ, testatam esse, cuius intercessione & rogatione dicti Rex & Regina animos suos huc eo propensius inclinarunt: Idcirco inter dictos Oratores ac deputatos utrinque conventum est, quod dict. Christianiss. Rex & Regina Maria adimplebunt omnia illa, quæ per dictos suos Oratores præfatæ Nobilitati & populo Scotiæ concessa sunt apud Edinburgum die Mensis Julii, anno hoc presenti Millesimo Quingentesimo Sexagesimo, dummodo prædicti nobiles & populus Scotiæ impleant & observent quæcunque continentur in dictis conventionibus & Articulis. This is added by us, ab illis præstanda & observanda.