CP 153, 147

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CP Volume 153 Folio 147 HMC Volume 1 Page 273 Number 891 Haynes Page 401 Number 400

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

30 June 1563 From the Queen's Majesty to my Lord of Sussex for Mr. Stukely

From a Minute of Secretary Cecill.

WHER our Servant Thomas Stuckly, associated with sondry of our Subiects, hath prepared a Nomber of good Shipps well armed and mann'd to pass to discover certen Lands in the West towardes Terra Florida, and by our License hath taken the same Voyadg. Because it may so happen that for lack of favourable Wynds he may be dyverted from his direct Voyadge, and be constrayned to come to some Ports or Costs of that our Realme of Irland; which if he shall, he hath agreed to doo any Manner of Service ther, yt shall be thought agreable by yow for our Purpooss: We doo will, and require yow, that if he shall happen to come to any Part of that Cost, that ye cause hym and his Company to be well used, and do direct hym to doo any Exployct by Land or by Sea with his Company, that you shall fynd and thynk mete to be done for our Service. And if he shall also bryng or send in to any Port ther any Manner of French Shipps which he shall arrest to our Use; we wold that the same might be receyved, and the Goods and Ladyngs therin put in Inventory, and layd upp in Savety, untill by the furder Proceedyngs of the French, we shall perceave what is mete therin for us to doo.