CP 152, 85

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CP Volume 152 Folio 85

HMC Volume 1 Page 155 Number 580

Haynes Page 211-212 Number 189-190

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

19 October 1559 Copy of a Letter from the Lords, &c. of the Congregation in Scotland to the Queen Regent

From a Minute of Mr. Thomas Randolphe the Queen's Agent in Scotland.

YT wyll please your Grace come to your Remembrans, howe at our laste Convention in Hamilton we requered your Hieghnis in most humble maner to desyste from the Fortifienge of this Towne of Leyth, then interprysed and be gone, which appered to us, and yet dothe, a manyfeste Entrie to a Conqueste, and Overthrow to our Liberties, and altogetheer agaynste the Lawes and Custumes of this Realme; seing yt was begone, and yet contynuethe withowte anye Advice or Consent of ye Nobilite and Councell therof. Wherfore accordinge to our Deutie we owe to our commen Weele, now, as oft before, we most humbly requere you Grace to cawse your Strangers and Souldiars whatsomever, withowte delaye departe owte of the said Towne of Leyth; the Strengethe of the which not only dystroyethe that, but feareth as well the Inhabytans as other Schottysshe Men our Souvereyn Ladeis lyege Subjects, of whatsomever Estate thei be, may resorte therunto in maner accustomed to have their lefull Trasique. Affuringe your Heighenes that yf ye in refusinge the same declare therby your evle Mynde towards the commen Weele of this Realme or Nation, and libertie of the same, we wyll withowte delay mean, as of before, the Cawse unto the whole Nobilite and Communaltie theirof. Requeringe most humbly your Grace Answer in hast with thys Berrer, bycawse the Facte procydes daylie to the Conqueis, as apperethe to all Men. And so after our humble Commendations of our Service unto your Heighenes, we commende your Grace to the eternall Protection of God. At Edenbourge the 19th of October 1559. Your Graces humble and obedient Serviteurs.

21 Oct 1559. The Answer to the Lords of the Congregation in Scotland.

AFTER Commendations, we have receaved your Lettre of Edenbourge the 19th of this Instant, which apperethe to us rather to have come from a Prince to his Subjectes, then from Subjects to them that berythe Autorite. For Answer wherof we havepresently sent unto you this Berrer Lion Heraulde Kynge of Armes, sufficiently instructed with our Mynde, to whom ye shall gyve Credence. At Leythe the 21st of Octobre 1559.

Maria R. The Coppie of the Credyt is not yet to be had. Theffecte therof was, that, for as myche as dyvers Wayes thai had offended, and now in especiall beinge in Armes, she charged them upon their Obedience to departe everry Man to his Howse. She burdyned them also with Practyses owte of Englande, namynge Balvanes, Kyrcaldie, Whytlawe to be Doers in the same: She knowethe also of Barnabie being in this Countrie, wherunto Answer was made as I wrot in my last Lettres.