CP 152, 42

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CP Volume 152 Folio 42-43

HMC Volume 1 Page 172 Number 601

Haynes Page 229 Number 208

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

23 Jan. 1559 An Instruction for the Lord Grey of Wylton, Warden of the Est and Middle Marches ageynst Scotland; given by the Quene's Majestie

From a Minute of Secretary Cecill.

HE shall, according to the authorite gyven hym by hir Majestie's Lettres Patents, wherby he is constitute Warden of both the sayd Marchees, repayre to his Charge, and see the same governed according to the ancient Orders of the Borders. Item, He shall at his present arryvall, where our Coosyn of Norfolk our Lieutenant Generall is, conferr with hym of the State of Scotland, in what case the French bee; and in what Danger that Realme is, to be subdued by the French; and by what good Meanes the same Realme may be best preserued in due Obedience to the Quene of Scottes, without Danger of subduing the same: And therewith shall he specially conferr with the sayd Lord Lieutenant, what Danger is tending to this Realme by the French Procedings in Scotlend. And where it is ordred that by the first of February, or within few Dayes after, there shalbe a Nomber of Horsmen at Newcastle, beside a Nomber of Footemen also, the sayd Lord Grey shall with our sayd Coosyn conferr, how the same may be putt in spedy Order; so as if any Service shall be sene necessary to be done for the removing of the Force of the French from endangeryng of this Realme, the same be not forshewne for lack of forsight. And in the meane Season as the Horsmen shall arryve, Order wold be gyven to haue them tought to use there Lancees and their Pistoletts. And where the French haue sent the gretar Parte of there Force into the Fiffe beyond the Fryth, the same Matter wold be well considred, whyther therby the Danger towards the Conquest of Scotland be more or less. And what alterations groweth thereof; and so theruppon to advertise with spede. Item, The sayd Lord Grey shall in all Poynts endevor himself to obey the authorite of the Lievtenant Generall, and gyve Occasion therby to augment his Creditt; to whom also is commanded, as it is not to be doubted therof, but the sayd Lieutenant will in all martiall Causes use the Advise of the Lord Warden, as one specially, for his Knowledge and Wordyness, recommended. Item, The sayd Lord Warden shall haue good Regard to place a good Kepar of Tyndale, and reduce the same to better order, than presently it is in. Item, As this Tyme serveth, he shall shew favour to such Borderors of Scotland, as he shall fynd disposed to take Part with the Liberty of Scotland ageynst the French, encouraging them therunto, as conveniently us may be; and contrary wise he shall shew hymself to the rest, that neglect the Liberty and Freedom of there Countrey. In all other Things he shall follow the Tenor of his Commission, and such Commandments as he shall receave from the Lord Lieutenant. Item, If the Lord Lieutenant shall perceave by good Conference, that, uppon the only Demonstration of our Power by Sea and Land, the Scotts shall be able to expell the French; then our Pleasure is, the same shall be profecuted without Manifestation or Hostilite by us: But if neither they can do it of themselves, nor by probabilite it shall appear possible to be done by the Power of England now appointed; then the Matter shall not be prosecuted by the Power of England, but staye until Advertisements. But if it shall appear that the Power of England appointed, may do it, being joined with the Scotts, and that by probabilite it cannot be otherwise done nor acheved, to delyver Scotland of the French, in that Case the Lord Lieutenant shall do his best to expedite the Mater according to his Authorite.