CP 152, 161

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CP Volume 152 Folio 161 [copy at CP Volume 138 Fol 37 ]

HMC Volume 1 Page 226 Number 720

Haynes Page 318 Number 319

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

27 May 1560 The Duke of Norffolk to Secretary Cecill

From the Original.

I HAVE receaved your most Freendlie Letters of the 23d of this present, good Mr. Secretarie, wherin I founde nothing, but that I hope shall redownde to the honor of the Quene's Majestie, and Weale of bothe these Realmes. In the first Parte, I perceave yow have resolued apon a sure Grounde; whiche is to send me into Scotland with suche a Nombre of Men, as shall be able to performe that, whiche shall be committed to my Chardge. Secondarilie, of a newe Treatie; wherin I perceive yow, and myne Uncle Wooton, are Commissioners; whiche Name of Treatie although dilatorie handling hathe made odious, yet your true and faythfull Zeale, to bring this thing to good Effect, is so well knowen, as that which afore was so displeasant, is now I dare saye, because yow shall be the Agent in this Case, most wisshed for: And if yow be so to others, howe can it be, but that yow must be most welcom unto me; considring what a Quiet it shall be unto me, to consene those Cases unto yow, which had not been untold, if wisshing myght have furdered my Desier. I hope, howsoever the Treatie shall speede, yow wooll not forthinke this your Journey. I thinke yow shall perceive by Sir Peter Carewe's Lettre unto the Quene's Majestie, that my Advertisements haue been to true. Here is no Amendment at the Campe, but Omnia in pejora se convertunt: Money overthroweth Men's Wytts. I hope at my entrie to do sume good, for my Lettres be nowe regarded but as Papers. I may forbeare a Tyme, seyng that Time draweth so fast on. Capell my Lord Grey's Director, is nowe made Captain of five hundred Footmen: The Hower is to com that ever he shewed one hundreth synce his goyng into the Feelde. Thus I bid yow hartelie farewell. From Barwick the 27th of Maye, 1560. Your most beholdyng,

Tho. Norffolk.

To my very loving Freende Sir William Cecill, Knyght, principall Secretarie unto the Quene's Majestie.

[HMC - Endorsed by Cecil: - To Sr Wm Petre.

Sir, I opened this packet to find Mr Carew’s letter lacking, whereof my Lord of Norfolk makes mention, so that I think it is in some other packet directed to the Queen’s Majesty. Yours ever, W Cecil. ]