CP 152, 156

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CP Volume 152 Folio 156

HMC Volume 1 Page 226 Number 271

Haynes Page 348 Number 349

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

25 May 1560. Certificate of Valentine Browne, 25 Maii 1560. inclosed in Sir Peter Carew's Letter

From the Original.

Tharmye into Scotlande. THE hole Nombers, aswell Horsemen as Footmen, in the saied Armye, as the same are presentlie in Chardge to the Quene's Highnes, notwithstanding the Decaye that hath ben by reason of Sickne, Death, slaine, hurt, and cassed, sithen the first Entrye thereof into the said Realme. HORSEMEN. Demy Launces and one Pystalat - - 690 Light Horsemen - - 1300 That is to say - - 1990

The hole Nombers of the said Footbands, declared by every Captain upon his Musters, to be hole and hable Men, for the which the same requyreth paye, amounteth to - - 5512 The Nombres of sicke Men and hurt, at divers times, and at Thassault, which yet remayneth, and not serviceable, ys, - - 1688

FOOTMEN. The Nombres applyed from Barwicke sithen Thassault, under Sir Francis Leeke and others, ys - - 900 Ther is also of Scottishmen, under the Noblemen of Scotlande, reteyned in hir Majesties paye - - 500 Also Scotts taken into English Bands - - 213 over and besides 1535, dead, slaine, cassed, being hurt. - - 8813

Pyoners, Gonners, and Carters. Pyoners Englishe - - 750 And Scottyshe - - 300 - - 1050 Gonners and Mynisters of Thordenaunce - - 145 Carters and Horskeapers attending upon the Cariage and lymmer Horse - - 468 - - 1663

Some of thole armye, Horsemen and Footmen, as well hable Men, as hurt, and not serviceable, beside the Lord Lieutenant and Thofficers of the Feilde

Memorandum, That albeit the paye is requyred for thies Nombres aforesaid, eyther cannot appeare by poull in Service, or to the Wards and Watches, at eny Time, above 7600 Men; for which occasion, I have dyferryd to desrey Warrants to any Captain for, his full paye; delyvering them nevertheles as much from time to time, as the Paye cometh unto by way of Prest, to be rekoned for upon such triall, as may be thought convenient hereaster, the Time present not serving therunto. And beacuse such as serveth wlth Fidelitie shuld not be by Generalities accompted emongst those that deserveth Reformation, I shall hereaster note the Names of the Captains, in whose Bands the greatest Corruption is chleflie suspected. The monthlie Chardge of thole Armye aforesaid and of Pyoners, Gonners, and other Mynisters, by reason of the sayd newe Supplies, is more at this present then it was at the first Entrie of Tharmye, and amounteth to no lesse then 20000 l. the Moneth. Ext. per me Valentine Browne.