CP 152, 154

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CP Volume 152 Folio 154

HMC Volume 1 Page 226 Number 718

Haynes Page 316 Number 317

Transcribed by Samuel Haynes in “A Collection of State Papers . . . 1542 to 1570” London, 1740

24 May 1560 Mr. Thomas Randolphe to his Grace the Duke of Norffolk

From the Original.

THE certaynetie of our Doyngs here are so assuredly reported unto your Grace by others, that I thinke yt owte of Purpose for me, at this Tyme to make news rehersall of the same. The Lords here receave no small Comfort of your Grace's Lettres, and thynke themselves bounde unto your Grace; the more also, yf theie may have your owne Presens to the achyvinge of this Enterpryse: Maynie Things maye insue herof of greater Importance then yet maye be conceaved. Theie greatly desyer the same, and I truste that God will gyve that Augementation unto your Honor as to see that executed in your Syghte, which shall redowne to the perpetuall Felicitie of our Countrie, the Quene's Majesties Renowne, and the Glorie of God euerlasting. Suche as hytherto have adjoyned themselves unto this Cawse remayne alwayes one: I am made also beleve that your Graces presens wyll drawe maynie that yet lie backe. Whatsomeuer hathe byne wrytten of the Erle of Huntlie unto your Grace agreethe well inoughe with hys Doyngs. He seekethe to be Lieutenante of the Northe, wher his Countrie is; I see no lykelyhoode of the gettinge of hyt. He desyreth leave for twelve Dayes to goe whome: He came so late that Men dowte howe sowne he will retorne: His Presens cane evle be spared; thoughe by anie of his Doyngs the commen Cawse lyttle farthered. The Occasion of Captayn Chapron's staye is not unknowne unto your Grace; his Intertaynmente here in the Duks Howse verie honeste; he hymself not discontented to abyde the Lords Resolution. There is no greate Accesse unto hym: Ether he is to wyse to utter anie Thynge that shall be prejudiciall to that service he comethe for; or it is trewe that he sayethe, that he is onlie a symple Messenger, and knoweth not what he carriethe, nor what his commynge myght ether further or hyndre the Cause. After your Grace's Advice I thynke his Aboode here shall not be verie longe, for that I fynde all Men evle dysposed to have farther Tawlke of the Matter: Notwithstondinge theie are resolvede in all Thyngs to applie their Wylles to the Quene's Majestie's Pleasure. I besyke God preserve your Grace longe in honour: Most humbly I tayke my Leeve. From the Campe, 24th Maye, 1560. Yoar Grace's alwayes to serve at your Grace's Commandement,

Thomas Randolphe.

To my Lorde Duk's Grace of Northefolke, Lieutenant for the Quene's Majestie of the Northe Partes of Englande.